Thursday, December 23, 2010

Turbo Gravlax!

Out in the last minut without Gravlax on your cristmastable?
If you have an vacummachine and some salmon, that will sort out very fast. Put the fish and whatever your want, whisky, dill, whitepepper with salt and very little sugar in the plasticgbag and just vacum it with high pressure. Dont use table salt but grainsalt. The pellets will shoot into the fish by the pressure and you will have the fish ready in 10-12 hours. The fish will be in the bag till servingtime and the salt will not dry it out so fast because of that, so there is no need for so much sugar. Yummy!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Expedition x-massalmon.

We had planned a fishingtrip to Hästholmen, lake Vättern over the weekend so i dug out the boat friday afternoon. Took an hour. Lots of snow! Went back home to try to start up the engine, that didn't work. Had to take it in over the night and we had everything working except the GPS antenna. It kept eating fuses when we were fishing yesterday. Considering all the problems that appear wintertime with electronics and engines, we had really good fishing. We fished down south from Hästholmen. The weather was ok, except for forecast for the wind that was completely wrong. We had winds far over 10m/sek where we fished. One wave even came over the boat from the front and we had everything wet and after a while none reel worked at all. Ice all over! Little bit further out we found out we got less char that was coloured from spawning, so we stayed most of the time there. In the the wind, waves and snow we got our baites fishing well. Atleast Bert who had found an prehistoric Grizzly Stive and an Abe & Al flasher that worked really well. He also had some Bassminnows that he use for seabass fishing and they worked! A third little Apex 1,5" took some nice char.
I had a VK-flasher,  with Salsa UV with baitfish doing a good job. And an customized Anchocyspecial on a baitfish rigged with an actiondisc had some bites and also some fish. Also a little fly, with actiondisc in surface was fine. That little fly took the one and only salmon we had during this trip. It was returned since it was a to short. We fished between 15-30 feet.
We had 11 fish caught. We kept two Char and relesed the rest nicely without lifting them in the boat. There is plenty of Char in the lake now. These cold winters are really good for them, so what is really the point hooking and messing around with fish that has spawned and not in full condition? There is no good reason to do that, so atleast i leave till it's more human to go out fishing on open water.
Today, sunday, we didn't bother fishing. Lot of snow coming and wind was north something. We thought we had enough from yesterday. With no good reason to go out fishing again, we stayed on land and went home instead, wich was an adventure itself. It took some hours to get back home! Plenty of snow coming in the beginning but later it cleared up. My warrior will not be fishing again before the snow is gone so it's going to spend rest of the winter in good company with Berts two boats, Salmo 542 and the Quintrex 390.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pro team doing well in arctic conditions.

Finnish Pro fishermen had a fullpott during tuesdays fishing. Salmon 5.4 and char 3,4kg as the best fishes. Two nice fish hit and left 100m line behind them before they got loose. Both on riggers and surface. Anoher finnish boat raported an 8kg salmon taken from the same area, wich is just outside or little bit south of Omberg. They used mostly Salsa and Vk-baitheads for their baitfish. Chrome experimental and dark, purple glow is the most productive colours on the baitheads and flashers. Pro fishermen do their last full day tomorrow. See you in Finland!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Real Fishermen.

..or mad enthusiast. Judge for yourself from looking at photos below.
Finnish Pros stay at Borghamn Hostel at Jarmos place for almost a week. Targeting mainly the salmon but whatever in good size and right colour will do. The bites were very few during sundays fishing. Could have depended some on the weather! 10m/sek northerly wind and seven degrees below, is not the best conditions to fish on Lake Vättern.
We had some problems with reels and downriggers collecting ice, but still some fish decided to bite on our baitfishes. One char in orangered christmassuit visited the boat and was released quickly aswell. Another fish went on but was lost and some other bites were observed. We fished out of Borghamn down south as far as we managed during the day and then back again. Lake Vättern showed the reason why to have great respect for this lake: waves grow twice their size in just some minutes and those waves can be very high and short. Watch your back when driving in tailwind here. If you dont have good speed when doing that the waves can break just behind you and the water will end up in your boat. Buy a Ursuite, watch your back when driving in hard tailwind, be careful. Or, maybe best of all a day like this - stay at home!

Front of  Karnic 2250 WA.

Pro Salsa baitfishbender, Pro Fishingguide, Pro Rallycar mechanic.

                         Yeah! We did it - survived!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Independence Day!

Suomi - Finland, december sixth. Public holiday in Finland.
My own photos from regattas with steamboats with plenty of Finnish flags to celebrate our Independence Day, december sixth, 1917, when Finland became independent from Russia.

 Every day is a flagday on s/s Puhois, when she's on tour.

Flags, flags, blue and white flags, Finnish flags Photo from Steamboatregatta,
2007 in Puumala, Finland.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Filmtaime! Old movies from Lake Vättern.

Brother and Bert fished in Northern Lake Vättern, out of Karlsborg and had good fishing a couple of years ago.
Weather was windy and cloudy, but fishing was ok. Bert was looking for ideal place to mount his camera and at this time it was placed on the planerboardmast. Litttle bit far away from action, but close enough to catch some typical incidents that can happend on windy lakes and bitewilling fish that isn't pleased with only one bait
I fished nearby from my boat with Nikke from Team Jansson, and we had scimilar fishing. In other words very good.

Brother is floored by a big wave, but he's up, as shot from a slingshot, in a few seconds, continued fishing as nothing happend. Look at the clip here:
Brother floored by a big wave.

One hungry salmon takes two baits. In the wind fellow fisherman didn't take any notice of a reel giving signal, there is Fish On!
Here is the clip:
One salmon takes two baits, but fellow fisheman doesn't take notice:-)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

First in the water gets most fish...

...and these are some really fast methods to launch a boat. It just happends to be Warrior 165, of some reason. Are Warriorowners little bit more nuts then others? Judge for yourself the two various ways how to wet the boats. Both are a bit of a Redneckstyle, but very usable if you have a boat tough as a warrior.
I have launched my boat in the Borghamn harbour, lake Vättern several times and it's a little bit like the example when the man let go of the boat from a pier. The harbour in Borghamn is probably the last one to freeze in all Swedish lakes, so that's is the best spot to launch a boat if you have panic to get salmon for christmas. Just a pitty the people in the harbour just doesn't make it a proper harbour for sportfisherman. I'll keep dropping my boat boat from the ramp as the man on the bottom example, since i just think Borghamn is a great place to book for a weekend and have as a base when fishing around the waters there.

Can it be done faster then this?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Filmtajm! Bert and Micke fighting mullet...among others things.

Bert is releasing his collection of filmclips from fishingadventures on the Swedish westcoast.
This film is one of my personal favourites.
Some swearwords, seaweed and algees on places where it shoulden't be and a nice mullet that is bigger and stronger than it appears from the beginning, adds some spice to this filmclip.
I had a good laugh looking it, so take a look and judge for yourself. I give it a ten out of ten!

Click on the link and see the film:
Filmtime. Bert and Micke with mullet and seaweed..

Friday, November 19, 2010

New cool downriggerweights from Denmark

Look at these new enviromentaly friendly downriggerweights from Scanlure. The outer shell is some hardwear plastic and it's filled with irongrain instead of lead. The design of the ball is a little bit slimmer than a weight made of lead and will add up to the loss of weight. They are tough gear: Look at the filmclip on scanlures homepage where you see that they can bee abused badly and stand it. Plastic is tough stuff!
They also make a little weight that will be put on the line, very slim and fast to use, when trolling.
I coulden't find it on their homepage, but if you contact Scanlure, they'll give you some information. The weights are only for sale in Denmark this far and probably they will be for sale in Sweden aswell.
The reason why they make a weight like this is because in Denmark it's forbidden to use leadweights when fishing!! When will it be forbidden here?

Me, Fiskeberra and Finnfisher will try out these new weights as soon as possible and let you know how they work.

Check out the weights at or just look at the cool homepage.

Weigths come in 3, 5 and 7.5 kg. 

Different colours too.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New cameras for filming

Now we have all the things we need for fishing and thought we spend some hard earned money on cameras to remember it all! A good photo or filmclip on the fishing is a fine way to honour the catch too.

Trollingfisherman often buy bigger boats when updating their fishing. I have had my plans doing that too, but have figured out i will hardly never have use for a bigger boat then my Warrior 165. I can handle it alone easily and all the costs are in within my limits, leaving me to get us much fishing out of my boat as possible. I waste money on petrol and good accomodation when fishing. So adding a filmcamera and start doing fishingfilms with the Team is just natural.

So we are spending some more money updating Berts single POV v.i.o, with two 
POV HD-filmcameras. One to be mounted on the boat and the second to be carried by one of us. With theese we can have twice as much material and hopefully do some more films to show on our blogs. Even cool to have them on dvd and watch them on TV, since thats where the biggest improvement will be with the new model.
We have priordered our cameras at We  will have them in middle of december if everything goes as planned.

Berts old camera is for sale.
It's a perfect camera to start with, perfect for active use outdoor, waterproof and very rough. All films on my blog and Berts are filmed with that camera. Little bit limited when showing films on big TV-screens, but fine for computers and but for the money Bert wants for, it's a good start filming and a bargain for that price. 

Look at his blog for information.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Vänern with Andreas and his new boat.

Went to Vänern yesterday with Andreas for fishing waters west of Kållandsö.  The trip was the first in his new boat. He barely have had time to finish all the work on it so small things as an example rodholders were mounted night before fishing, so the boat was as new as it could be. It worked really well considering there were just some finetuning on the instruments left, it was instantly a fine boat to catch fish from. We had some raports from good fishing in Dalbosjön, so fishing there was a good start.
First fish in the boat could have been a really nice one that bit a anchovy in a Vuoksiraksi baithead, colour "Finnish flag" trolled at 2 knots behind 30g. lead, but the fish went off the hook less then 10 meters from the boat. Such happends sometimes. That fish was strong!
We didn't have to wait long before an other fish took a baitfish fished behind a flasher, 26 feet down on the downrigger. This one didn't get away! The fish was in a very god condition, but Andreas took care of it well. The fish weighed in at 8.150 kg. Not very long, but very sturdy, full of baitfish (Nors). A Vk-flasher and a modified Anchovyscull with anchovy was that salmons last dinner!
The trout took a Tormentor, sal 25 in the surface. We fished all day between Klas and Pålgrund.

Andreas with his new Rocad 606 SD. Take a look at his blog for more photos of his boat.
Good start! Salmon 8.150kg. First fish in the boat was also the biggest  he have cought in Vänern.
Me with yesterdays catch.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nice day on Vänern

Very windy in the morning, NNW some 8-9m/s and cold! Huuh...
We managed to get out to our spots from yesterday, but there were nothing left on them to keep us there, so we kept going west to our spots on "bananen". There we had some hits on our baits, but only got a to small trout for the fishingbook.
Nice day, sunny, a bit windy and some fish, but to small.
Some boats fished around "mittledarn". LappiaJorma was one of them and he had a fourheader. Of them he got up two, one 9.2kg and another 5.5kg. Both trouts! That's the way to go!
Warrior scenery!

Friday, November 5, 2010


Fished out of Mellerud, Lake Vänern today. Nice day with relative from Norway as companion. Markku did well and there were not to much wind in the morning but increasing in the afternoon with some 8m/s. We managed to hook on two small salmon and another salmon 64cm. A seagull visited the boat aswell. The bird gave some really nice sound in one of the reels after hiting one of the baits in the surface. After some dentalwork with pliers and thick gloves it went of, extremely angry but atleast alive. The 64cm salmon will be christmassalmon at some Norwegian party. Tomorrow we try to see if can catch some bigger fish. We had or bites at "Bananen" and outside of Kräklingarna. 8-9 degrees in the water.
Fish bit on Anchovy in Vuoksiraksi baitheads, bluewhite. Speed were some 2 knots to cover some water and fish it off tomorrow. A plug, Tomic 4 inch had some hits aswell, pearlblue i beleave it was.

"SarppeMarkku" with todays catch.
Vuoksiraksi with Anchovy.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Abborreaction on film from yesterdays fishing.

Look, here it is! PERCH ACTION ON FILM!
Not a megasizeperch but big enough to be caught on film. The clip is only minut and a half long, but still fun. Beginning of the battle is not there. We were busy doing other things and simply had not turned on the camera. That's the way it is when testing new methods, equipment and places.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


We tried our little lake a second time today. Same stile this time, trying to battle with big perch, that habitate the lake....we have heard.
Me, Bert and brother went there, in good minds. Weather was perfect. Fairly mild, wind from south. Slight breeze.

We fished off the area where we ended our fishing last week and continued just a few hundred meeters south from there and then we found what we came here for. Except for the fine company, nice lake and weather, we caught some really nice perch.
We had only one bite each on our roaches, during the whole day. Those fish we got up were good looking. They were no fish for the recordbooks, but one was really big, in my eyes.

Perches weighed 1.340kg. and the other one was not even weighed. I think some 500g.
Theese two fish proved us bottombouncing works even in beginning of november with 6.5 degrees C, in the water.
Perches of these sizes give a good go on 12 foot long matchrods with sensitive tops, and leaves a feeling and must trying it again, off course. Definately a method to explore more.

Berts Quintrex leaves nothing more to wish on a fishingboat. It's amazing how much fishing you can get out of a boat only 3.90 meters long. Three grown up men with 12 feet long rods and no hazzle at all.....or maybe we had a small caos some minutes when trying to land the the big perch. Big salmon is no problem, but when we get big perches we get unfocused like little boys, hehe. Live to learn...
Look at Berts blog, for a filmclip from the fishing.
And Brors blog for some more photos. Both fish were released after photographing.

Perch 1340g. 48cm long.
This was the second fish today.
And this was the first.

Mr I, himself. Ipilot stears the boat, Iphone keeps us updated on his blog.
Can you see the camera on his cap?

German steel and and Australian aluminium.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tinboat perchexpedition...

..Or in other words - Testing Berts Quintrex and try to fool some perch with bottombouncing tackle.
We did ok, i guess; caught some perch, but not as big as we aimed for. We used 10-12cm long roach, but still got ordinary sized perch. Not the  big ones we were after. 
Using bottombouncing tackle is a new way of fishing for perch for me, so that had to be sorted out too. So trying to catch megasized perch, in a new boat, in a, for us, unknown lake, that we haven't tried before, on a cold octoberday, raining almost nonstop, was not easy. 
This boat has never been fished from before, only testdriven and used as showboat at Wollmars sportfiske, Borås a couple of months. They are official Quintrex dealers there.

So, today was the day to try it out, the Tinboat! Conditions may not have been the best, but we fished enough to clear out some questionmarks. 

-We were three people in the boat and we had no problems moving around in the just under four meters long boat. It feels a bit odd, considering the boat is very roomy and steady for being so short. 
-Lauching and taking up the boat on a boatramp that isn't a boatramp, worked just fine. The boat is very light and Berts Bmw 330 coupé has fourwheeldrive, so even that was simple. 
Brother and Daniel fished from a Quintrex 440, and they used the same ramp, and brought up their boat with a Volvo 745 and that worked fine too. There were some nasty sounds coming from the boatbottom when launching the 440, but the boats are rough aluminiumboats, so they can be treated like that. A glassfiberboat would have left a major part of gelcoat on the beach from this kind of beating.
The 390 went in the water in 30cm. shallow water without touching the bottom!
-Bottombouncing tackle for big perch is fun! 

Very good day. Testing with new techniques continues.

Look at Berts blog for more info.

Bert, Micke and Quintrex 390 in action.

Quintrex 390

Nice perch

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Look at this! A fishingnet in Jönköping harbour!

I went to Jönköping yesterday to see if i could have cought some roach for the perchfishishing next weekend. I didn't manage to catch or see a single little fish, what so ever. I blaim the northerly wind, off course. The castingnet flew several times all over the canal in the citycenter, but all i caught was peoples attention when doing my castingpractises. Maybe i should start collecting money for the show?
I like to use my castingnet. But i also use the classic style by Isaac Walton: Worm, hook, line and rod. 
It's all depending on how much time i have to spend. A third way to get baitfish is to buy them from the commercial fishermens, right away. So from the Swedish westcoats i have some Anchovy (skarpsill), for sale. I have them in sizes 8-15cm.
Good for just about all fish when trolling but also when vertical jigging.  
Give me a call on the mobilphone  0730-294 782 if you want some of these.

But some people must have had panic over the baitfish. Yesterday a net was placed just across the harbour in Jönköping! Click  on the photo and you'll see the other markerstick to the left.
The scene could have been questioned by anybody and maybe something thing for the local news. But there was not to many people there at the moment so not many saw what was going on there. 
Whem i had taken some photos, i saw the markersticks moving so there wasn't a net placed between them. Some people had played a joke during early morninghours and simply thrown the sticks in the canal. They belonged to a fishermen who's running a little restaurant and a fishsmokery on the pier, next to  the harbour. The owner himself came and told me that they belonged to him after that i had picked them up! He thanked me for this, off course. We had a little discussion about the fishing in Lake Vättern and we were agree just about everything, except some small details as why the Char is increasing in the lake...Anyway, he had one good point; he would like to have rainbowtrout in Lake Wättern. So would I!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hoppalong Danja with friends, Lukas, Turbo, and the others...

Another weekend without any fishing, what so ever to write about. Since i have dedicated my blog to almost only fishing, it's little bit hard try to relate everything to fishing. It might be a little hard to relate my doings this weekend to fishing, but i give it a go: 
I have found others things to make me busy during weekends that may at first sight have nothing to do with fishing. I like all sorts of animals and woulden't mind having some if my lifestile could allow me to keep them and take care of them as they deserve. Cats, Dogs and Horses is what i like most. I have been more and more intrested in forestry last few years and could see myself harvesting and using horses for that purpose instead of machines that destroy, in my eyes, to much when collecting logs. I don't know where this new intrest for forest and horses is taking me, but this weekend i had the opportunity to take a course in handling workhorses. One place remaining on the course when i phoned the people organizing it, and, off course i decided imidiately that i wanted to take part of it. 
Ohh man, i really didn't know wich part of the animal was back and forward, but was sorted out fast:-)
A complete Novis am I in this, really. I went to Ryasjö Hästgård two days in a row, sat-sun. We were some people there, taken care of some really professional people and really calm, welltrained horses, making it easy for me to learn how to put on the different gear on the horses and choose the right things for the purpose i wanted to do with the horse. Pull logs, wagon etc. And then, after training in the paddock for many hours we went to the forest doing the same things. This is among the coolest things i have done for a long time and of course i signed up for the two following courses. More training in the forest and then driving heavy loads of logs is what I want to learn properly, and more about the horses, naturlich.
This winter i will spend four days there and i'm allready looking forward to it. 
This intrest for horses could come from my genes. Grandfather was a horseman, using horses long time even after buying tractors to the farm in north Finland. And his father was a horseman too...After some digging far deep i have found i like those animals too, simple as that. No, jumping, racing, betting with and on them. Just work with them, nice and slow in the forest without leaving any marks but a pile of shit here and there;-)
So what does this story have to do with fishing? 
In Isaac Waltons "The complete angler" i know there is a description of lines, tippets and leaders made of horses tailstrings there. Hmm..That is a tough material and with soft rods, a thought in mind that the line and leader is a bit weaker than scimilar, modern ones, i think it's possible to land good sized fish with them. Just read below what they used in Japan not to long time ago. (yepp, horsetail)
In the good word of spreading the fishingcultures in different countries, I post the article and photo of the fly without permission from the author.
Below the article i post some pics of the horses from this weekend Danja, Lukas and Turbo are their names.

Kurobe headstream area 

kurobe 2Flies of professional fishermen of Kurobe 
that is in Northern Japanese Alps
of 3,000 meter
class in the border of Toyama Pref. and Nagano
Three in the left are flies of Mr.Zenichirou Onikubo
who kept fishing iwana (char) by the Kurobe
for 40 years. The hook was Kaizu No.14.
Bantam of black in early season, brown in best season,
black-and-white in autumn were used for the hackle each.
The body was tied three times by silk black thread
and was tied by peacock herl in summer.
Shamisen string was used for the eye.
The rod length was 3-3.6m.Horsetail was used for the line.

After it had become hard-to-find, the nylon line
No.3 (12lbs.) that was shortened 50cm more than
the rod was used. The right side is the fly with a tail of
Mr. Bunpei Sonehara who is last professional fisherman
in Kurobe. He kept fishing iwana for about 10 years in
Kurobe until the fishing area was lost by constructing
Kuroyon Dam.
The hackle was bantam of red brown.
The body was tied 3 times by black thickish silk thread.
The eye was not attached. The rod length was 3.9m.
The furled tapered line of horse tail that is a little
longer than the rod was used. The tippet was
No.2 (8lbs.) 30cm. These are flies that I reproduced.
(Sources of refere
nce: IwanaⅡ Last Professional Fisherman in Kurobe 1989,
Iwana Ⅲ Sequel Professional Fisherman in Headstream
edited by Shunji Shimura Hakujitsusha 1990)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Benlöjor, skarpsill och siklöja till salu!

Säljer en del av mina beten för att få plats i frysen till lite annat än fiskar. Betesfiskarna är vakumpackade och preparerade efter konstens regler. Köldkedjan inte bruten, raka och fina beten, osv.
Jag använder själv beteskallar av fabrikaten Vuoksiraksi, Vk, Salsa, Anchovy Special, Krippled Anchovy.
Jag har fångat flera 10+ laxar med de här sorterna av betesfisk och beteskallar och delar med mig lite av det jag kan om ni köper lite fisk av mig.  Hör av er om ni är intresserade.
Mobilen: 0730-294 782

ps. I usually write here in english, but this is an add for selling off some of my baitfish to clear space in my freezer. I don't think anybody abroad is intrested in buying some fish of me, so i'm writing this add in swedish.
...or, I know that especially "Anchovy", skarpsill will improve after being refrozen and almost halfrotten it will sometimes do very well for trouts. So maybe i should put some bags in a package and send it abroad if someone is intrested;-)



Skarpsill (anchovy)

Gone fishing!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Huskvarna, Lake Wättern..a good spot for jigging char.

Highway,  gardeners place and the Silo in the background.
I went to Huskvarna fishing yesterday. Did a little tour on "Liakanten" just outside Elmia. My fishingspots are just on the line of the protectionarea, so after september 15 it's not legal to fish there untill december 31, so i thought I try them.
 I found some really good spots there and I will try to practice some verticaljigging after Arctic Char coming weekend if weather is ok. Yesterday was just perfect for that yesterday, but i wanted to try out the boat so everyting works just fine fore the autumns adventures. Went through "Liakanten" and had a nice fish biting a baitfish tackled to a flasher on just 16 feet. I had the fish in the net, but lost it.
Then i had another 4 bites. Fish hiting my baitfish but didn't stay on the hook. I also tried to fish outside the Silo, next to the highway, but had only one hit there. I got all fish biting on the flasher combination, but the only fish that i got up in the boat was an undersized char that took a 1 1/2 inch homemade, green Apextype of lure. All fish biting was between 15-25 feet of depth, wich is little strange since it was 14.3 degrees even on 100 feet. Who said Arctic char likes only cold water?

I tried out a new system yesterday: A tandemflasher. Two VK-flasher tied together with a 50cm leader and the baitfish 1.20m behind the second flasher. I had some bites on this system, so i think it will work after some finetuning. When fishingday was over i met some fishermen in the harbour who told me they used "Spålänga" wich is a system of big spoons, a rod length long and then a small bait or lure tied to the the end of it. This was good yesterday, so i wasn't so far away with my tandemflasher. Very nice weather and this years last sunburn, but no fish brought home from this trip.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Extra concert on regatta 2010 in Varkaus.

Here it is, the extraconcert on the Steamshipregatta this year in Varkaus, Finland. Very spectacular. Just listen!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

New gear with attitude!

A new fishingreel and rod for perchfishing. Shimano rarenium 1000 ci4 and a Pezon-Michel Gunki Kaze is new material for my jigging after perch. I bought them from
the address below. 95€ for the rod and 160€ for the reel. A lot less than in sweden. I Like fullcarbon rods. Very sensitive and longcasting, but i find them somewhat expensive considering how fragile they are.
I found out this summer that powerwindows on a car and temporary bad memory is a poor combination when good fishing is on.
That cracky sound when an expensive fullcarbonrod brakes is unmistakable and good for me i have several rods at our place so a new rod was not needed right away, but a replacement had to be bought.
I like smaller reels and this shimano rarenium will be just fine. Made of some spaceshipmaterial. Really light and looks good. Hopefully it handles braided lines better then my old Shimano Sedona 750.

Theese lures and baits are what we needed this summer to keep the smoker and the fryepan going every day. Perch, pike and trout likes theese baits!
Mepps size nr:2, Yum and Storm jigs and that little yellow handmade minnow from a local minnowcarver. Weird colours on the jigs and the minnow, but somehow they work. Perches are like humans - they also like colourful, fancylooking things!