Monday, December 13, 2010

Real Fishermen.

..or mad enthusiast. Judge for yourself from looking at photos below.
Finnish Pros stay at Borghamn Hostel at Jarmos place for almost a week. Targeting mainly the salmon but whatever in good size and right colour will do. The bites were very few during sundays fishing. Could have depended some on the weather! 10m/sek northerly wind and seven degrees below, is not the best conditions to fish on Lake Vättern.
We had some problems with reels and downriggers collecting ice, but still some fish decided to bite on our baitfishes. One char in orangered christmassuit visited the boat and was released quickly aswell. Another fish went on but was lost and some other bites were observed. We fished out of Borghamn down south as far as we managed during the day and then back again. Lake Vättern showed the reason why to have great respect for this lake: waves grow twice their size in just some minutes and those waves can be very high and short. Watch your back when driving in tailwind here. If you dont have good speed when doing that the waves can break just behind you and the water will end up in your boat. Buy a Ursuite, watch your back when driving in hard tailwind, be careful. Or, maybe best of all a day like this - stay at home!

Front of  Karnic 2250 WA.

Pro Salsa baitfishbender, Pro Fishingguide, Pro Rallycar mechanic.

                         Yeah! We did it - survived!

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