Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vänern eastertime..and a WARNING!

Have to start this raport with a warning in swedish: Farledsmarkeringarna är ute och flyter och det krävs extra uppmärksamhet när ni kör i Kållandsö skärgård med många grund. Jag körde från Pål genom den norra farleden mot Hörvik för att svänga av till Spiken. De första käpparna som markerar ingången till farleden står fel. De ser ut att stå rätt. Mellanrummet mellan dem stämmer, men kör ni mellan dem stå går ni på grundet. Vi körde inte fort, tog det försiktigt, men skäddan på motorn fick ett nytt utseende när vi touchade stenen som nu ligger mitt i det som ser ut att vara farleden. Vidare saknades hälften av all pinnarna i resten av farleden,  så kör försiktigt. Det kan vara så att detta är lagat, men var försiktiga ändå.

Close contact with a rock!
 Fished out of Spiken monday-tuesday for testing the boat and equipment. Everything worked well and we could concentrate on our fishing. I have had problems with my GPS signal and have to do some research before i could have the problem sorted out; in my Raymarine 125 antenna, there's an small battery that must be replaced every 7 year. There is no info. about this in the manuals, but i had to go to an discussionboard about sailing where i found an discussion of this matter. So, check your antennas if there i an battery hidden somewhere in them that must be replaced once in a while. I know there is atleast one Garmin antenna that has the same system.
We tested also our new cameras, V.I.O Pov,  they worked well, but there is a bug in the software that signals poor battery and shuts down the camera. The batteries are nearly full when this happends so either we have to carry kilos of batteries or have the bug fixed before we go to Hasslö in a few weeks. The camerapod is very exclusive! Take a look at the photo below.

Fishing was good for most of the boats last weekend. But on monday-tuesday it was fullmoon, northerly winds, very calm and nice weather. Just the way i dont like it. Bert and i had two bites on our baitfishes during two days fishing. We fished the strech between Klasgrund-Pålgrund on monday and south of Naven on sunday. That was also the place where we had our contacts. It is very cold water, 1-2 degrees outside of the nets, deeper then 30 meter. Warmer water inside, closer to shore, some 3-4 degrees. The deeper pockets close to shore seems to keep lot of baitfish and also some salmon and trout, so maybe we go  back there sunday-monday to see if we cant get some fish aswell. Team Extreme fished in the same area but further south from us, closer to Måken and had a really nice salmon caught from there on tuesday. There is fish in the area but not many. Also Finnish Salsa Pro team have been visiting the waters for a week. They have caught fish every day. They have stayed close to Pålgrund and Stavas knall almost all the time. They catch their fishes early in the mornings and usually when they pick up the gear for going home, so it seems to be either morning or in the evening when fish bite best for them. Noticeable is that they catch their fishes mainly with tackled baitfish and flashers in front of them. They are very skilled fisherman!
Weather is going to be really nice eastertime, diffucult fishing when it's calm, so we might try out some new waters and try some other fishing.

Very nice weather. No fish in the cooler!

Exclusive camerapod: fot is made of Jakaranda and the pod itself is rest of an Ugly stick trollingrod.