Wednesday, April 24, 2013

10 months of rest...

Finally i got out for some fishing from the warrior. On saturday i took off 4.30 in the morning and headed for Lake Vänern. Out on the water 8.00 trying to get some kind of rusty plan to work, trying to find fish in the water between Klas and Pålgrund, west of Kållandsö. Had some points given to me by Finnish friends, but thought i give some "old hot spots" a chance before getting.
The water was cold,  very cold. None fish thought of biting my lures before i entered warmer water north of Pålgrund. This spot wasn't far away from the point i was by my friends. Still, the area was quite big, so i went thru there five or six times and had fish biting every time.
I had a good day Fishing and everything went well.
Weather was great and i had two fishes with me back home. One salmon and one trout. Not sure of the weight but length was 67 and just under 80cm on the salmon. Two more undersized trouts and some strikes was what i managed to get that day. Fish took on baitfish with Vuoksiraksi and Salsa baitheads. Also flasher was useful today and in one occasion also actiondisc worked well. Fish took mainly in the surface, 15-40g. weights.
When boating in Kållandsö area: Look out for the poles that mark the routes. Ice have moved several of them or they are simply missing. It's not a good time to take the boat and engine to the doctor when the fishing is better then ever. Have a shitty fishing :-)

Vuoksiraksi where it the mouth on a fine salmon!
Fox rage nets save a lot of scales on the fish. 

Kinnekulle in the backgound.
No bananas in the boat, eh!?

Trout and salmon.