Thursday, December 23, 2010

Turbo Gravlax!

Out in the last minut without Gravlax on your cristmastable?
If you have an vacummachine and some salmon, that will sort out very fast. Put the fish and whatever your want, whisky, dill, whitepepper with salt and very little sugar in the plasticgbag and just vacum it with high pressure. Dont use table salt but grainsalt. The pellets will shoot into the fish by the pressure and you will have the fish ready in 10-12 hours. The fish will be in the bag till servingtime and the salt will not dry it out so fast because of that, so there is no need for so much sugar. Yummy!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Expedition x-massalmon.

We had planned a fishingtrip to Hästholmen, lake Vättern over the weekend so i dug out the boat friday afternoon. Took an hour. Lots of snow! Went back home to try to start up the engine, that didn't work. Had to take it in over the night and we had everything working except the GPS antenna. It kept eating fuses when we were fishing yesterday. Considering all the problems that appear wintertime with electronics and engines, we had really good fishing. We fished down south from Hästholmen. The weather was ok, except for forecast for the wind that was completely wrong. We had winds far over 10m/sek where we fished. One wave even came over the boat from the front and we had everything wet and after a while none reel worked at all. Ice all over! Little bit further out we found out we got less char that was coloured from spawning, so we stayed most of the time there. In the the wind, waves and snow we got our baites fishing well. Atleast Bert who had found an prehistoric Grizzly Stive and an Abe & Al flasher that worked really well. He also had some Bassminnows that he use for seabass fishing and they worked! A third little Apex 1,5" took some nice char.
I had a VK-flasher,  with Salsa UV with baitfish doing a good job. And an customized Anchocyspecial on a baitfish rigged with an actiondisc had some bites and also some fish. Also a little fly, with actiondisc in surface was fine. That little fly took the one and only salmon we had during this trip. It was returned since it was a to short. We fished between 15-30 feet.
We had 11 fish caught. We kept two Char and relesed the rest nicely without lifting them in the boat. There is plenty of Char in the lake now. These cold winters are really good for them, so what is really the point hooking and messing around with fish that has spawned and not in full condition? There is no good reason to do that, so atleast i leave till it's more human to go out fishing on open water.
Today, sunday, we didn't bother fishing. Lot of snow coming and wind was north something. We thought we had enough from yesterday. With no good reason to go out fishing again, we stayed on land and went home instead, wich was an adventure itself. It took some hours to get back home! Plenty of snow coming in the beginning but later it cleared up. My warrior will not be fishing again before the snow is gone so it's going to spend rest of the winter in good company with Berts two boats, Salmo 542 and the Quintrex 390.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pro team doing well in arctic conditions.

Finnish Pro fishermen had a fullpott during tuesdays fishing. Salmon 5.4 and char 3,4kg as the best fishes. Two nice fish hit and left 100m line behind them before they got loose. Both on riggers and surface. Anoher finnish boat raported an 8kg salmon taken from the same area, wich is just outside or little bit south of Omberg. They used mostly Salsa and Vk-baitheads for their baitfish. Chrome experimental and dark, purple glow is the most productive colours on the baitheads and flashers. Pro fishermen do their last full day tomorrow. See you in Finland!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Real Fishermen.

..or mad enthusiast. Judge for yourself from looking at photos below.
Finnish Pros stay at Borghamn Hostel at Jarmos place for almost a week. Targeting mainly the salmon but whatever in good size and right colour will do. The bites were very few during sundays fishing. Could have depended some on the weather! 10m/sek northerly wind and seven degrees below, is not the best conditions to fish on Lake Vättern.
We had some problems with reels and downriggers collecting ice, but still some fish decided to bite on our baitfishes. One char in orangered christmassuit visited the boat and was released quickly aswell. Another fish went on but was lost and some other bites were observed. We fished out of Borghamn down south as far as we managed during the day and then back again. Lake Vättern showed the reason why to have great respect for this lake: waves grow twice their size in just some minutes and those waves can be very high and short. Watch your back when driving in tailwind here. If you dont have good speed when doing that the waves can break just behind you and the water will end up in your boat. Buy a Ursuite, watch your back when driving in hard tailwind, be careful. Or, maybe best of all a day like this - stay at home!

Front of  Karnic 2250 WA.

Pro Salsa baitfishbender, Pro Fishingguide, Pro Rallycar mechanic.

                         Yeah! We did it - survived!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Independence Day!

Suomi - Finland, december sixth. Public holiday in Finland.
My own photos from regattas with steamboats with plenty of Finnish flags to celebrate our Independence Day, december sixth, 1917, when Finland became independent from Russia.

 Every day is a flagday on s/s Puhois, when she's on tour.

Flags, flags, blue and white flags, Finnish flags Photo from Steamboatregatta,
2007 in Puumala, Finland.