Monday, June 28, 2010


I have left sweden for Finland till August 10. I'm currently in Lappland but leaving this place for Savonlinna on thursday for loading up S/S Puhois (steamship) with 10 cub/m with birch. Steamin towards Varkaus on friday to meet up with 25 other ships for celebrating the fleet of steamers cruising Lake Saimaa. It's going to bee really fun!
Till then i keep doing repairingwork on our houses, do some fishing and also some running...
That running kind of sorted out allready, because reindeers are feeding on our flowers and bushes that we try to make grow on our little farm. A good way to keep the reindeers of the yard is to scare them and i do that, run after them like a bushman and it works...atleast daytime. In the mornings there ususally have been there someone there, at our yard, nicking some flowers and i dont think it's Santa Claus..
Time is running out, sitting in library Kemijärvi.
/ Jussi

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Andreas dream is about to come true!

Andreas Jacobsson and his brother in Karlsborg have realised a dream. They are about to start up an Catch & Releasewater for wild and planted brown, brook and rainbowtrout, just the way they want it. The streams and lakes are located deep in the forests of Tiveden and that secures clean water in wild and forgotten backcountry. A perfect place for a limited amount of flyfishermen that will have the opportunity to catch and release wild and planted fish wich has been in the lakes and streams for a year and a half, before the brothers will open up the waters for fishing next spring. The fishing in these waters will be based on pay per fishingday. No fishingclub is involved. Only limited permits per day are to be sold.
Follow these stubborn brothers, with a clear idea how to realize a C&R water, their struggle and effort to do it their way. Also see their raports from testfishing the waters and look at some great photos of really nice trouts and allmost wild rainbowtrouts on Andreas blog:

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Baltic Warrior

Intrested in this boat? Read my post below. You will find Sven Hilles contactinfo if you want to buy a very good fishingboat. Also look at the clip below to see more of the boat and also find some really good info about Southern Baltics.

Baltic Warrior at speed....
Sven Hille in Germany sent me this nice clip wich shows some nice fishingmoments from fishing in waters around Rügen. The variety of fishing seems to be great there with short distances to really good fishing in a variety of species. I have heard about monsterpikes, cods, Big salmons and specially seatrouts that I'm really intrested in myself. Rügen is known for being really good for that, so hopefully I will get there some day trying the Big trouts.
The clip also shows some of the interior on a Warrior 165. It's remarcable three people have so much space in a five meter long boat! Svens boat is still for sale so drop him a mail if you are intrested in buying his warrior. There is an earlier post here on my blog that show some pics of his boat, but I post some new above of his Warrior at speed....ajaj, what a lovely boat.
Svens e-mailaddress is sven.hille(at)
There are some nice new products shown on the end on the clip:
The flexidiver seems to be a nice and easy to use weight for trolling and the company also makes some downriggerweights that are enviromentally better to use than weights made of led. Good stuff!
Look at for more information about the company and the weights.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Friday final and boatservice.

On fridayevening i took out some young students to show how fishing can be done in a trollingboat. I took them to Huskvarna, Lake Vättern for a short trip, trying to see if we could catch trout, char och even a salmon. I fished outside the Silo and managed to the things go our way making trouts taking our baits. We had two of them in the boat. One undersize and one 57cm. Two more fish were on, but got loose. Fish bit on baitfish behind a Vk-flasher, baitfish rigged with Actiondisc and one homemade Monkey (apa).We had enough action to make the 5 hours fishing going really fast...and making the boys intrested in this kind of fishing. All in all a good fishing trip. Thanks Andrée and Johan for the company and doing good work on my boat.

I planned to do some fishing yesterday aswell. The boat and the car was packed and ready to go. Weather was fine, but when i updated my loggbook on saturday evening i found out, even doublechecking, that i haven't changed oil in the Suzuki since april 22, last!
I have been fishing many hours from other boats leaving me with not even 100h on my own boat in more then one year!! The long winter was one of the reason to the few hours and the poor fishing in the Big Lakes was another.
Those occations when i have fished from my boat have been somewhat harsh and I almost knew what the oil was going to look like. When trolling in really cold water the engine works hard and the oil use to look as it's been in the engine for years, so i knew what the oil was going to look like. Black, - after just 80 hours of trolling!
I also changed the oil in the transmission. I don't buy those expensive little tubes with gearoil. I get the bigger bottles for gearboxes or transaxels. As long as it says it's Gl-4 or Gl-5 on the bottle it's fine. It should be 90 oil, but i use 80. I fish generally in cold water and 99% slow, so that's why i go with this alternative. Just to save some money and make it less messy using one big bottle instead of four small! Read your instructionbooks for enginespecification before experimenting with your engines, to see what oil to use.
Now the boat is ready for a long rest...if i don't try the Salmons in Blekinge one more time, or the trouts and char in Lake Vättern or walleye in Lake Mjörn with Robban...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mikael Puhakka aka "Mike The Pike!"

...or Hauki Mikko as i call him, knows how to hook anything with fins, professionell fishing guide as he is.
He know the spots for big Salmon in waters out off Singö and how to catch them. If you are new fishing Singöarea, then give him a call and book him for a day and save some petrolmoney letting him take you the good places right away. He also guides in Lake Vättern and Vänern whem fishing is on there.
Look for more info on his blog
He also brings you to big pikes, walleyes and perch with his new australian Quintrexboat.
Look in the link what he and one of his customers did some weeks ago. Somekind of record!?
Some pics of Mikko and his fishing.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Karlshamn 29-30/5.

We made a short trip to Karlshamn this weekend for trying to hook another nice salmon and pick up the salmons we caught a couple of weeks ago and left in the smokery in Karlshamn for having them done properly. As you can see from the photo some of the pieces are something extra. Compare with the AA-battery. Both size and the taste is somthing to brag with, i must say!
From this weekends fishing we didn't get any salmons at all with us home, but we had our smoked salmon with us home so we didn't leave emptyhanded. We had a nice weekend me, brother and Bert. We fished south and west of Tärnö on good old spots. It's fun doing that with my brother and Bert. They have spent hours, days, months on that location and it's intresting to listen to all storys they can tell about their fishery down there.
Anyway, we managed to get a good size salmon to get hooked on a spoon, but we had it on for just a short time but enough to see it show its side for us, before it got loose. Nice salmon!
Water was eight degrees and weather were all sorts. Rain and sun mixed with a nice and steady southwesterly wind. Best salmonweather i think!
But its still spring in the water. Hornpike has not been in for spawning yet. We got some of them punctured by our hooks and they were full with eggs. So maybe some warm weather will give the salmon a boost to start moving towards Mörrumriver. And maybe fishermen will need a boost too - we saw only one boat out during the whole weekend!? Im going to Karlshamn in two weeks time to see if i can get a big salmon hooked again. But first i want to see some fish start raising in Mörrumriver. The salmon is out there and so will we.