Saturday, February 14, 2015

Lake Wettern in February.

I had my friend, Sven Hille fishing with me on wednesday. We fished out of Hästholmen.
It was a little bit windy during midday, but we managed to get some fish bitting on our baits. Smaller fish kept us busy in the morning hours. At that time we fished close to land but a change in our plans made us leave the place for another spot and it was wortwhile since we started to catch several bigger salmon.
3.30 pm we had five salmon and one char in the boat. Salmons weighed between 5.5 and 3,3kg.
They bit on flies, minnows, natural baits with holders from Vuoksiraksi, Salsa, Anchovy special. Also flashers and action discs worked fine.
It was a good day to show Sven the fishing on Sweden's second biggest lake.
It was a good day to show how well the Warrior works on Lake Wettern.
The wind wasn't too bad, but waves got high in the gusts and as usual they were at the highest when the fish was on the move and we more or less fought fish for 45 minutes in a row, i think it was. Sven also owns a Warrior so we had some experiences to share.
I have also updated my Warrior with one more GPS-antenna. Now it has double security.
Next trip to Lake Wettern will be after Vasaloppet. I'm participating in that competition and need to practise a little more.

Sven battling salmon on Lake Wettern.

Really nice fish.

Whitefish and salsa bait holder worked fine.

We had five of these salmon...

...and one char.