Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sven made this newyears gretting. He let me use it on my blog so here it is. 

Happy new year to all fisherman and everybody else too. 
This year I'm going to fish a little bit more and even work a little bit more with horses.
I'll make things a little bit different and maybe learn some more new things thay way.
A source for energy, inspiration and healthy living is fishing. So let's do that;
Lets go fishing ;-)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Team Suzuki-Salsa in Lake Wättern week 50.

Last week was windy at Lake Wättern. Team Suzuki-Salsa still had their christmastrip settled for trying to get a salmon or two. They come every year and stay at Borghamn hostel as their base. This years catch from the lake was good. Both in numbers and size the salmons caught made their trip rememberable.
I visited them one day and managed not to catch even a single little char during the whole day. There was two fishingtournaments going on around us, typical enough. Only a few salmons caught that day, no big ones, so no  big deal not getting any fish at all that day. I was still busy trying out my new Pentax k-5 camera and all shots from now on will be taken with that camera.

Suzuki- Salsa had during the week nine salmons and seven char caught. At least this is what they raported. They didn't fish every day due to windy conditions, so the average in fish caught was something like one point five salmon and one char caught per day during the week.
There is fish in the lake but it´s not an easy task to go and get them in wintertime. Team Suzuki-Salsa did that well.
Average wind was something 13m/sek on the days they fished! How do you set a baitfish to swim i those conditions? I use Vuoksiraksi since they are easy to fish with but everything works if you know your tools.

Even though we didn't get any fish the day i fished with them i had something really nice with me home.
Pertti Nevalainen paints Salsa Lures baitheads and flashers and i had two of theese custompainted flashers given to me + some baitheads. Thank you very much and hyvää joulua :-)  T: Jussi

Pertti with fine salmons.
Silver from lake Wättern.
Good catch.
Santaoutfit is the trick to get fine salmons ;-)
Real men dress themselves with Santaoutfit when they go fishing ;-)
The flasher to the right are custompainted by Pertti Nevalinen.
I´m not used to Salsa flashers since i prefer VK-salmons. But i guess i have
to try theese out. The colour is just outstanding.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Salmon fishing in the pacific ocean.

This is a nice way of fishing salmon. Boats aren't to big, and they seem to get some good fishes too. The launching of the boats and taking them out of the water is quite spectalular. I think it's a good idea to use a boat made of aluminium for this type of fishing, eh? But  i think the boat in the clip is made of plywood. With epoxy it's a very strong and light method to build a boat like this.Boats with flat bottoms seem to be far more useful as it looks like. Maybe getting time to settle for an even smaller boat for me? This clip is from the west coast in USA. I found it on
ps. Notice the santafigure in some parts of the clip.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Char eldorado!

We gave the salmon another shot out of Hästholmen, to catch some fish bigger than we did last week. This was not going to be too difficult, eh?
We met a lot of other anglers trying to catch the same salmon that we were after. Lot of locomotion and activity in the harbour which was fun to see. I was expecting lot of fish reported on the lake to be heard on the VHF, but that just didn't happened this day. Some smaller salmon were caught, but as it looked and the little we heard people from people on the radio, they caught mainly char. Just as we did!
We fished off a lot of spots in our search for the salmon but kept running into schools of char. When we changed to bigger baits some bigger char started to strike, but the main size on the fish were between 50-55cm. We released most of them outside the boat, but some were damaged in their gills so they will be at the christmastable. But we caught some really nice fish this trip too: one really fine char, that had little more fat to be put on the body and when that happens it will be a  fish in 3-4kg size. That fish was released too, off course. The second fish was an incredibly nice looking trout. That fish bit one of Berts flies which was a start of a new flytying era for him ;-)
The fish was released outside the boat as usually. Some fish we just had to net so we could get out the hook with plyers. I practised something i have seen on TV sometimes, when they take out the hooks on fishes: i keep the fish up and down. The fish will be a lot more still then and it will end up in the water faster which increases their chances to survive. The char has had some good years to reproduce, there is a lot of them now, but they are a rare specie of fish,  still well worth to protect. Bring home some to eat, but be careful about the one ment to set free.
Bo Pedersen, Team Tortuga from Motala is a good fellow fisherman: Yesterday morning before we even had got out of the harbour he had caught his first salmon. During the day he caught some more of them and a nice trout. He released them all even though the fish weighed 4-5kg...Reason for that he said, was that they were ment for someone else to catch and he had enough fish in the freezer from his fishing earlier this year in south Sweden.
I will still try to get a nice salmon, so i will turn up in north Lake Vättern as soon as possible. There are a lot of spots to go thrue this winter. I don't understand the meaning with blogging from the lake, even though it seems to be fun. Now some people have found out how to get the GPS-info from photos taken on a good fishingspot, and use them instead of looking for their own little secret spots to fish at. What is there to say about this? One of the answers might be that it will extremely crowded at a few good fishingspots. The rest is left for people like me, without blogphones on the lake. Halleluja fishermen, let's go none tecnofishing, fish only with baitfish and hairy flies. See you at the lake!

Nice char.

In my Warrior going southwest.

No hightech, eh?...well, well. At least no blogphone saying where
I get the fish, but from the GPS screen you can tell i have
caught some fish outside of Omberg.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Fishing yesterday out of Hästholmen wasn't really in my plans since i fished several days last week in lakes Vänern and Vättern. A late phone call from Bert on saturday evening, with promising winds and somewhat  good reports of fish caught from Hästholmen, made me think otherwise. So we went there sunday morning. Weather was a bit chilly and wind as usually more than weatherforecast said. We choosed to fish south from Hästholmen. Could have gone north as well.
We had a good day on the lake: First of all everything worked really well. All electronics and engine did what they was supposed to. Didn't miss a beat! Bert has been fishing mullet for months and after some refreshing gymnastic exersice on a bumpy lake in a small boat he was soon back in business.
We used all types of tackle during the day and we had fish stricking all of them. We used baitfish on
Vuoksiraksi Vr 2, Salsa, Anchovy special. Flies specialmade in Finland, Apex, Strike-pro, Prehistoric Stive behind an even older hammered flasher. Some fish bit baitfish behind an Actiondisc. We had about 15 contacts. Not all of them came to the net, but were released outside the boat nicely and gently. All fish was taken on the surface or shallower then 30 feet.
No idea how many strikes we had during the day. Probably to many, since we went out of the areas with smaller fish as soon as we entered them, but it was too late when we had double strikes. It's not a good idea to hook so many small fish for catching three or four fish in legal sizes, is my opinion. But the fish we kept was really fine. A couple of char and a 70cm salmon was brought home to the coming christmastable.  Next time i go for the big salmon, probably coming weekend if winds are ok.

Bert with salmon from Hästholmen. Caught with a flie!

Warrior heading for Omberg.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

That was about time!

I have been fishing three days this week. First day in Vättern on monday which was a good start on the season. I saw and photographed some spawning chars in the harbour in Huskvarna. Just fantastic to see this show on first row and even take some descent photos with my little pocketcamera. After the show i went fishing: fished off some spots outside Liakanten and Äppelodligen and managed to hook a fair char to take home for the x-mas table. You never know what happens in a few weeks, so better bring home a fish when i got it. I also discovered some electronic faults on the boat, so there were some things that had to be fixed before it gets really cold.
On thursday i went fishing with Robban Qvist, fiskepånä in the water out of Åmål. We tried to fish the Bassängen(bathtub). The location was new to me, but Robban has been there before. We had some, i think four, really fine fish biting our lures during the day, but for some strange reason they were not hooked properly,  even though we fished in speeds around three knots. Finally, in the evening, we had a nice  salmon taking one of our baits, well hooked, all the way to the net. Fish weighed 7.1kg.
On friday we were joined by Ludde from and we had a nice day on the lake. We fished in the Tössewaters, also new for me. The weather was fine but the wind could have been less strong. We had constant wind somewhere between 9-11m/sek during the day but managed to hook some really goodlooking trouts weighing 3 and 6.7kg. Both days we fished in pair with Håkan and Erik from Alingsås. They did well both days catching nice fish. It's a good idea to fish in pair helping each other to locate fish and also handy to have an helping hand near is something goes wrong.
I had some trout and salmon with me back home and best of all; it was fun to fish from a boat again :-)
Very good days in good company, nice places and fine fishes.

Spawning char in the Huskvarna harbour. The female is smaller
and darker. Hard to see on the photo.
Not so big but a very nice fish. 

Salmon from Vänern. 7,1kg.

Robban with a nice trout weighing 6,7kg.

Håkan and Erik battling a nice salmon in rough Tössewater.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Brown trout, summer 2011

This browntrout i caught this summer. It's one of the fishes that has been a longgoing dream to get on a hook for me. As long as i have been able to fish i wanted to catch a fish like this and for the last 4-5 years i have every summer been back to a special little creek in northern Finland. I found out that this water cept a few very good looking trouts so i have tried to get one on the hook from this creek the last few years. I have always seen one, had them on the hook for a second or as last year i got one trout but it was a small one comparing to the one i got this summer.
When i came to the little creek i knew i get only one or two throws with my meppsspinner, then the fish will spook and i have to come back another time. So, at my location, just in the bend in the end of little bit more current water i threw my spinner upstream, maybe ten meters. It was just one meter broad where i had to place the spinner, so it had to be perfect right away. A second throw on this spot would not work. I knew this place was the feedingtable for some of the bigger trouts. I had already went thrue some of the other places and have had no contact with fish elsewhere, so the pulse was quite high when i saw the spinner, almost in slowmotion, hit the exact right place, where i wanted it to be. After just two rews on the reel i had a hell of a strike on the spinner and the show was on. The fish had the whole little pool to mess around in and it did. Sharp rocks, weed and treeroots were all possible places where to loose the fish. But this was my day. The trout was hooked well and easy to release from the spinner after the battle that took some five minutes. As usually i took the fish as hard as i could, not meaning ripping it out of the water. I knew that fish will be released so i kept it in the water all the time and even in the photographingmoment i kept it in the water. It was some 44-47cm long, fat and generally very healthylooking fish. It was released with not a single mark on the body and after a little rest it dissapeared in the deeper water in the pool. I saw a glimpse of it later when it had placed itself in the most current place in the creek. It's there now, to live and breed. This was for me a perfect catch. There is many, many more creeks that just waits to get explored, so i have several locations to aim for in the next hundred years i intend to live:-). It will be a lot easier to acess these kind waters on a horse and that is a part of a new project i'm up to now.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Trailer from our salmonfishing in Blekinge in may.

Here is the trailer from our fishingfilm. Bert made it this summer.  Salmonfishing in Blekinge in may, at its best. We'll try to have the film done as soon as possible. Till then; take a look at Berts fantastic mulletfishing this summer on his  blog. Lots of screaming reel there:-)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fourth and fifth day, Hasslö.

Yesterday we went on a little tour and found not a single salmon but some other locations to seek through later, maybe next week.
Today we went out to the spot where we had good fishing on tuesday, but conditions had changed. We didn't find the big amount of baitfish, but the warmer water was still around and we found some smaller scholls of baitfish to hang around. We managed to catch two salmon weighing around 10 kg and released the both. It felt good to do that. We fought them hard as usually, using single hooks on our spoons and a new rubberised net from Fox left all scales intact on the salmon, so releasing them went just fine.
Tomorrow we are going to Mörrum for a visit at Laxens hus and then to Fiskeshoppen in Karlshamn for a chat and probably buying some spoons we don't need and then for a lunch at Väggahamnen to eat some salmon cooked in one or another way. A full day with fish without fishing;-)
For those coming to Hasslö to go for the big salmon you have good fishing just 1-2 Nm out of Knuven since southwesterly winds have pushed in some warmer water and also some salmon closer to shore. There is a lot of fish in the area and a very few garfish, so now is the time to go for the big ones. A couple of really nice nice fish is taken every day in the area so the time to get the catch a really nice fish is right now.
Releasing a nice salmon.
Single hook 4/0 and a knotless, rubberrised net saves fish.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hasslö, third day.

Yesterday we caught nothing except some garfish and cods. Some boats did well: a couple of nearly, magic 20kg were caught in Blekinge. They were around 120cm long and should have weighed over 20 kg, but they didn't.
Today we decided to go out and see if we could find some spots that could hold fish. Far out we found a school of baitfish, a big one, and passed it three times. That was enough since we had four fish in a very short time. They weighed 8,5-9,5-9,5 and 11kg. We are after the 15+ salmon so we decided to leave the place since fishing there seemed to be very easy. No need for us to take any more fish so went to see some other locations for bigger salmon. We have a clue where they can be and tomorrow we'll try to see if they are there.
All strikes are filmed with two cameras and will "Soon come to a computer near you" ;-)

11kg, Salmon,  Hasslö.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hasslö, first full day fishing.

We came here yesterday and went out to look at the conditions late afternoon. Water seemed to be ok, even though we got one garfish in the 7-8 C warm water, we found some hints to go after for todays fishing.
Everything works fine on the boat:
We caught some really nice salmon weighing just 10kg and another estimated 14kg on a rocking boat. Home, 8 hours later, bleeded, that salmon weighed 13.4kg.
The salmonfights are cought on film with two cameras. We have seen the films and especially the clips taken with the headcamera is just salmonfishing thrown in the face on those who will see the clips. We will not make any films of the clips on this trip, but below i have some photos from the fishes.
They took a grizzly spoon with sad colours and a Big Ed with happy colours. One salmon took behind a surfaceplaner and the other took on the downrigger.
Little bit windy today. But we are looking for a little bit calmer weather tomorrow.
Weatherforecast is sent on channel 25 on the VHF when Stockholm radio is saying there is a raport coming. Very good to know!

Monday, May 2, 2011


We took a sunday to see and feel the waters out off Hasslö before soon getting there for a weeks fishing. We tried out the boat and equipment and everything worked well. We even caught some fish. Not very big but big enough for the grill next week. Some 4,5 kg salmon and a smaller one, to be back in the water.
Bert took a photo of the salmon with the new downriggerweights from Scanlure.
This weights tracked well, have no sharp edges, outershell made of plastic that will not destroy the boat if they accidently get close to the boats sides. We tried out our new cameras and they give a really good quality of the film. Some softwarebugs remains to get fixed, but in time those will be solved too. We have two cameras and hopefully we get something to film so we can cut our fishingfilms whole nights and fish all days:-)
Scanlure bottomseeker, Grizzly spoon from Denmark. Salmon from Hasslö, Sweden.

I had a really weird thing going on when i had a tangle on my stacked downrigger rod and the inner surfacerod. Those two baits found each other and the surfacerods hook managed to get through the stacked spoons tophole. I have never seen anything like this so i took a photo of it...what is the chance doing this trick again?
The tangle was easy to solve, just take out the hook from the hole and the spoons went fishing again.
It's looking good for the weekend. Weather is going to be a bit cold but what the heck, just get on with the big suckers. Try to get atleast one 15+ salmon is our goal. Tight lines and be careful out there.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vänern eastertime..and a WARNING!

Have to start this raport with a warning in swedish: Farledsmarkeringarna är ute och flyter och det krävs extra uppmärksamhet när ni kör i Kållandsö skärgård med många grund. Jag körde från Pål genom den norra farleden mot Hörvik för att svänga av till Spiken. De första käpparna som markerar ingången till farleden står fel. De ser ut att stå rätt. Mellanrummet mellan dem stämmer, men kör ni mellan dem stå går ni på grundet. Vi körde inte fort, tog det försiktigt, men skäddan på motorn fick ett nytt utseende när vi touchade stenen som nu ligger mitt i det som ser ut att vara farleden. Vidare saknades hälften av all pinnarna i resten av farleden,  så kör försiktigt. Det kan vara så att detta är lagat, men var försiktiga ändå.

Close contact with a rock!
 Fished out of Spiken monday-tuesday for testing the boat and equipment. Everything worked well and we could concentrate on our fishing. I have had problems with my GPS signal and have to do some research before i could have the problem sorted out; in my Raymarine 125 antenna, there's an small battery that must be replaced every 7 year. There is no info. about this in the manuals, but i had to go to an discussionboard about sailing where i found an discussion of this matter. So, check your antennas if there i an battery hidden somewhere in them that must be replaced once in a while. I know there is atleast one Garmin antenna that has the same system.
We tested also our new cameras, V.I.O Pov,  they worked well, but there is a bug in the software that signals poor battery and shuts down the camera. The batteries are nearly full when this happends so either we have to carry kilos of batteries or have the bug fixed before we go to Hasslö in a few weeks. The camerapod is very exclusive! Take a look at the photo below.

Fishing was good for most of the boats last weekend. But on monday-tuesday it was fullmoon, northerly winds, very calm and nice weather. Just the way i dont like it. Bert and i had two bites on our baitfishes during two days fishing. We fished the strech between Klasgrund-Pålgrund on monday and south of Naven on sunday. That was also the place where we had our contacts. It is very cold water, 1-2 degrees outside of the nets, deeper then 30 meter. Warmer water inside, closer to shore, some 3-4 degrees. The deeper pockets close to shore seems to keep lot of baitfish and also some salmon and trout, so maybe we go  back there sunday-monday to see if we cant get some fish aswell. Team Extreme fished in the same area but further south from us, closer to Måken and had a really nice salmon caught from there on tuesday. There is fish in the area but not many. Also Finnish Salsa Pro team have been visiting the waters for a week. They have caught fish every day. They have stayed close to Pålgrund and Stavas knall almost all the time. They catch their fishes early in the mornings and usually when they pick up the gear for going home, so it seems to be either morning or in the evening when fish bite best for them. Noticeable is that they catch their fishes mainly with tackled baitfish and flashers in front of them. They are very skilled fisherman!
Weather is going to be really nice eastertime, diffucult fishing when it's calm, so we might try out some new waters and try some other fishing.

Very nice weather. No fish in the cooler!

Exclusive camerapod: fot is made of Jakaranda and the pod itself is rest of an Ugly stick trollingrod.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Springtrout from Germany.

Sven Hille in Rostock has been out spinnfishing for trouts. Due to the cold winter trolling for salmon has been hard even in south Baltic sea, but there is some good pikefishing on Rügen and the the troutfishing from the shore is fine too, but Svens latest fishingtrip was headed to a river.
Read Svens raport from his latest fishing. A really nice photo of the catch is added to his raport.

"I am just back from a few hour spinnfishing trip on a friends boat on our local river Warnow. I took this chance as a force 4-5 from west made trolling in the Baltic Sea impossible or at least not joyride. It took only 10 casts before the first trout was hooked. It was a small but very beautiful and powerfull fish which was released back to the water with good wishes for the future... Strikes countinued and we had some really nice fights. Not big fish, all in the range 50-60 cm but pure silver and very powerfull." 

Seatrout. Pure silver. Very nice fish.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sven is doing well in South Baltic Sea. With photos of the fishes.

Svens raport from troutfishing. Very nice trouts! We will have permafrost here for a while, but they do well in South Baltic Sea. Soon they will start fishing for BIG salmon. Hopefully we'll see nice raports from Sven and Co. 

"Hej Jussi,
yesterday´s fishing got a nice finale. After having caught good number of nice looking cod and fighting with wind/waves we were honored for keep trying to hook into a big seatrout. We got a dobble strike on (Apex like) Flat Jack spoons. The first one broke the leader in the first run and escaped but the second one stayed on the line and gave a nice fight both in water and in the air. Later this fish was measured to be 78 cm and the weight was estimated to be 5-6 kg. Really nice looking and sturdy fish! Some more fish followed before the happy crew went home.
My friend took home all the pictures on his camera. I will send you those on Sunday!"

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lots of snow, lots of skiing, still winter. How about some music?

I found some nice music on Myspace. It's obvoiusly Ourspace too, so i share it here. Content is Fishing, what else!? Musicians are not very famous, but the the music is good and theme is perfect. I'll post them here when i find them.

Hitta fler artister som Turin Myspace Music

Hitta fler artister som Flook Myspace Music

Hitta fler artister som NAGASAKI Myspace Music

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sven is raporting good fishing in South Baltic Sea. Also photo of the XXL trout and proud fisherman.

Sven is fishing out of Rostock and waters around there. At the moment fishing after really sturdy seatrout is at its best there, but there's been caught nice fish closer to Denmark aswell. I guess best way to get there to those waters is to go to south Denmark by car or take a ferry to north Germany from Trelleborg or Ystad. Wsters in Lake Vättern and Vänern are covered in ice and maybe will be so for another month or so. Waters around Simrishamn might be good, but if you are after 10+kg seatrout, then places mentioned above are the way to go.
Read Svens raport below. Also a nice pic of the trout and fisherman. Congratulations!

"Hi Jan and Jussi,
I tried fishing on Friday. First I had to change my plan where to fish  as new ice started to built up so finally I went to other places. Also  in this area all the water in the more shallow part (< 10 m) was coverd  by ice, so I went to 15-16 deep water and started to fish. Temperature  in the surface water was monitored all time and the minimum temperature  reached -1.5°C. Hower, to our surprice a few cod took our lures on the  downrigger. However, ice conditions did not improved even with rising  air temperatures and we finally stopped fishing at 2 PM. But to my surprise I was told today that a friend had a fantastic  fishing: having caught 3 trouts with the biggest beeing a XXL format of  9,96 kg and 95 cm. This happened on the same day when we were out, just  in this water which was covered by ice when we tried to fish there. I  will try to get a picture from this dream of a seatrout!" Mvh Sven