Wednesday, May 19, 2010

ActionCamera for filming.

We have had many readers commenting our films. Many thouht we could have turned off the radio while fighting our fishes, but i think there is some understanding that we usually get concentrated in what we do and forget about the rest, so the the films shows how the fishing is for us. Swearwords, playing with the VHF, coffedrinking while making the boat ready to land a Big Salmon aso, is probably not what should be on a fishingfilm like this, but this is how our fishing is, therefore we show it that way. We have had only positive comments about the fights and netting and that what counts in the end, to hook, fight and land the salmon. And have fun.
We spent 60 hours on the sea during the week we fished, the strikes were very few, so the fish that bit on our baites, we also wanted to have in the boat. We were after the Big Salmon, so when they came on on the other end of the line, we knew what to do. And we are glad to have all of it on film. So we will continue filming our fishing, off course.
We have had many questions about the cameraequipment we use.

There is info about the camera on Berts blog. It's in Swedish, but the link below will get you to to the makers homepage and it's in English. More info where to buy the camera in Sweden will be found on Berts page.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Filmtime! The fight from yesterdays fishing. 17.45kg. salmon.

Yesterday it was Berts turn to fight a Big Salmon. My turn to clean the boat while Bert had a
good fight. All of it, from the strike to netting the Salmon is caught on film
I post both films here again. These films and others i will have here on my blog, in the left column under "fishaction on film".

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bert Lachner, salmon 17,45 kg. BigSalmonTour, Hasslö, may 2010

Bert has lots of experience from fishing theese waters: Starting his fishing in Baltic Sea already in 1987, trolling for salmon, he knows how to be prepared for these predators. All equipment we used was specially picked to this fishtour. Bert picked his stiff pikerods, ambassadeur 7000 witch braided line, 0.32 and leaders in 0.52mm fluorocarbon. No locks used between spoon and line. Line directly tied to the swivel. All week points eliminated. Bert knows all this, experienced as he is in fishing really big salmon.
This salmon weighed 17.45 kg before we bleeded it, 120cm long. I think this was Berts tenth salmon weighing +15kg from these waters. When he is not sharpening his salmon hooks he is after his mullets, pikes or walleyes.
Many nice filmclips to be seen on his blog. Some are very exclusive. Rare to see when a mullet is running, taking line from a reel in incredible speed, but on Berts blog it's possible. Follow his fishing and see his films on his blog. 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

WE DID IT! MISSION COMPLETED! (Hasslö, day four) Also on film.

Hasslö, fourth day and now have made it, that we came here to do. We wanted one fish weighing between 15-20 kg and today we made it. In the morning Bert wanted to go east and i thought we should go west, so we went south. Far out we found clean water with no rubbish and also huge amounts of schools of fish so we started fishing there. Clarity was +15meters, so we knew it was going to be a difficult day - again! We were alone out there, so we just kept us around the schools of fish and in the afternoon we had the one and only salmon this far taking one of our spoons. 30g led 10m behind the planer was the trick for today, after being on the right spot, of course, after many, many hours of trolling the last four days. We heard Danes catching fish from the downriggers, smaller fish. We did the opposite, - going closer the surface with 30g led at most and 30 feet on the riggers.
In the afternoon, 14.30: The strike was massive! The fish bit a spoon just 10m behind the Norppaplaner! I have never felt more power from a fish and at some points in the short but intense fight i felt i had very, very little controll of the outcome of how this was going to end. But somehow we managed to keep calm and get the fish to the net. And were we happy?
We have fished together a couple of years and knew our rolles, knew what to do. Very important to have a good teamwork in moment like this.
The fish was 111cm long, 71cm around the waist, over 18 kg, bleeded, seven hours later. Weight afterjust been caught was something between 18.5 and just over 19kg. Caught on a grizzly M spoon in some fuzzy colour. Watertemp. is still only six degrees, so that was to our favour. Wait another 14 days and it will take more then the 20 minutes, as the this fight took, to net a fish of this size. We were photografed in the harbour with our salmon by one of the authors to and later named to "Kings of Hasslö 2010" in that forum. Cool!
Look at the fight with the salmon we caught. 13 minutes long. Some swearwords and a radio sending all the time...Look at the action on Berts filmclip:


Monday, May 10, 2010

Hasslö, third day.

Yesterday we met a seal, out, middle of nowhere. As close to the boat we could hear it breathing. They spend time where the fish are, so we were right on the spot yesterday, - or maybe not. Salmon use to be as far away from seals as possible, i have heard. Today we managed to get our self out to Utklippan. Nice ride in no wind at all. Watertemp was still around 6 degrees, so we took a chance spending the day out there. We got some cods and one hornpike. The one and only in Hanöbukten, and we got it! This was our catch today. Some other boats managed better: One Danish boat came in with a 14.5 kg and one Swedish boat came in with two 8kg salmon and one smaller. So the fish is out there. We just let the water warm up a little bit more - then we take them! We keep doing our thing tomorrow. Shitfishing on us and everybody else.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hasslö, second day.

Went out fishing south Hasslö 9.30 today. Weather was clearing up and we thought we would had a nice day on the sea today, and in the beginning it looked that way, getting warmer and sun burning away the fog. We heard boats raporting on the radio having fish on during moninghours, but no fish caught, as far as we heard. Middle of the day it became cold and foggy again. And the raports on the radio dissapeared completely till the weather cleared up and it became nice and a bit warmer again, about 5h later. Then people started catching fish again. We heard a couple of boats having fish in their boats in the end of this day. Not much, but the salmon is out there. The water needs to be little bit warmer and the wind should stay south or westerly for some days. Than it will look a lot better for us, chasing the big ones. I started tying baitleaders today. I even tried to fish with anchovy (skarpsill). No problems with Vuoksiraksi and my personaly owndrilled crippled herring baitholders. I ran them in 2.7knots. No problems at all, except we caught nothing on them today. We caught some cods and one of them joined us for dinner! Luxuryfood! Lots of boats in the harbour this evening, There will be some raports from the ocean tomorrow. If not us, then somebody else.
May all of us have real Shitfishing tomorrow!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hasslö,day one.

First day fishing out of Hasslö, Karlskrona. We had no hurry out fishing since there were still a bit windy around noon, but finally we got out. Just a couple of seamiles out from Hasslö we started fishing around 13.00.
We tried out some of Berts older spots from earlier expeditions down here. Had to start with something, since there were some boats out, but we heard nothing on the radio from boats catching any fish, so we fished around trying to find something that could make any sence. We did that- had a good day, finding a lot of baitfish and action on the fishfinder but cought nothing except some small cods and a lot of rubbish swept out from the shore by northerly winds. We kept cleaning the lines and spoons, reweighing and rebaiting out setup, but no big salmon decided to make our day today. Watertemp was 4,6-7,3 degrees on the places we fished on. Some southwesterly winds can make a big change and we hope for that. We stay here whole next week if we have to. Big salmon tour is on! Photo is from action on the fishfinder today.

We used Berts arsenal of reels and rods today. Look at these beauties! Twenty years old, as new, Ambassadeur 7000 syncro and St.croix downriggerrods. Fighting fish with this equipment is fun, but till the fish bites, we just have to rest our eyes on them! We try again tomorrow, to catch some BIG salmon.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Vättern, Huskvarna, May 2.

Went to Lake Vättern today with Bert. Fished out of Huskvarna. Went north to the see if we could find any fish on the normal spots, but there wasn't anybody home outside Fingal protectionarea. So we went south again, towards Jönköping. We managed to make some trouts and one char to bite over our baitfish. We used chromeheaded baitfish with 30-60g lead, slow speed on the turns and the boat was the recepie. Fish took also Apex and Uv-headed baitfish from the rigger. Fish took very gently in the cold water, 2,5 degrees. We had most of the bites in 30min. during the whole day!
Next week we will be fishing bigger fish, going to Karlskrona. Those bites from bigger salmon, will be easier to see, hopefully. Todays fish hardly managed to pull the line out of the releases. The water was soooo cold, huuh!

One of the fish we cought today. Good size trout. Released maybe to be caught another day.

The char we caught ended up here! 58cm long and in good condition. Very tasty!
We had a nice day on the lake, though the fishing wasn't easy. We still had fun! Everything worked fine on the boat.