Sunday, May 19, 2013

Vättern May 18.

Visited lake Vättern yesterday.
Had good help from Tommy "abris" who assisted me during the day. We got a handful of fish, trouts and char. They were in fine condition, but a couple of months of more feeding won't hurt. Fish bit on baitfish behind flashers and actiondisc, at 30 and 40 foot.

The char on the photo was released after the photosession. The trout on the photo was a good one, weighing in at 3.1kg. Not a giant, but in good shape and it gave Tommy a battle.
We spent 12 hours on the lake looking around for fishy spots to fish at later this spring and summer.
The two photos below are from a later session; one of my old students came fishing with me. We had good fishing north of Hjo. How about three char and three trouts!
The pic below is from a fishing close to midsummer. Got some nice fish then too.

Char going to get wet again. Nice one!

Tommy with a nice trout. 

Anton holding his catch.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Vättern May 9.

Tried the little warrior in bay of Huskvarna on thursday. Took with me some collegues from school since
They wanted to se how this type of fishing is done and perhaps they also wanted to catch one fish or two. During the day the they sas ut all. All weather that is availebla except snow and a nice
trout that bit on a baitfish behind a flasher. The Boat worked really good and i think i gave my collegues an fine experience,

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hasslö week 18.

We had our doubts werever we were to early to Hasslö this year and as it looks right now, with most of the boats current fishing are reporting nice catches. Week 19 would have been a better choice for a larger number of landed fish on our boat. We still had a good week. Even though we didn't catch any bigger than 11,5 kg we had a chance on the big ones. One 21kg was caught out of Ronneby so the big ones were around. We got 5 days of fishing during the week so we had our chances to get wh at we looked for. Meanwhile searching the bigger salmon we had 7 fish taken up. They weighed between 7 and 11,5kg. We also had a number of undersized salmons added to our catch. None garfish, due to the cold water. 3,5 degrees is not garfishes favorite temperature.
Maybe we'll give Hasslö a go the coming weekend. We'll see.
Now it's going to be interesting to see what Havs & Vatten Myndigheten will decide concerning the salmons in the Baltic sea. There is most likely new regulations coming. Hopefully rules restricting number of fish landed, ie baglimits and amount of rods on the boat. 15-20 rods on a sportsfisherboat just doesn't look good!

It would be nice to catch fish as shown bellow by fellow fisherman and us, also in the future.

Bert with salmon.

Salmon on the dinnertable isn't to bad. Windy days can
be spent on Wäggahamnens fishrestaurant in Karlshamn.
Kari Mansukoski & Co. took some nice fish on their stay on Hasslö.
This is what it is about: Two 16kg. fish from waters around Hasslö. Congratulations:-)
Jonte "Grosshnadlarn" with a nice 16.5kg salmon caught at the downrigger
10 fot down. That must have been a strike to remember!! Struggling just
pays back. A fair fish for Jonte. Cons.