Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sven is doing well in South Baltic Sea. With photos of the fishes.

Svens raport from troutfishing. Very nice trouts! We will have permafrost here for a while, but they do well in South Baltic Sea. Soon they will start fishing for BIG salmon. Hopefully we'll see nice raports from Sven and Co. 

"Hej Jussi,
yesterday´s fishing got a nice finale. After having caught good number of nice looking cod and fighting with wind/waves we were honored for keep trying to hook into a big seatrout. We got a dobble strike on (Apex like) Flat Jack spoons. The first one broke the leader in the first run and escaped but the second one stayed on the line and gave a nice fight both in water and in the air. Later this fish was measured to be 78 cm and the weight was estimated to be 5-6 kg. Really nice looking and sturdy fish! Some more fish followed before the happy crew went home.
My friend took home all the pictures on his camera. I will send you those on Sunday!"

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lots of snow, lots of skiing, still winter. How about some music?

I found some nice music on Myspace. It's obvoiusly Ourspace too, so i share it here. Content is Fishing, what else!? Musicians are not very famous, but the the music is good and theme is perfect. I'll post them here when i find them.

Hitta fler artister som Turin Myspace Music

Hitta fler artister som Flook Myspace Music

Hitta fler artister som NAGASAKI Myspace Music

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sven is raporting good fishing in South Baltic Sea. Also photo of the XXL trout and proud fisherman.

Sven is fishing out of Rostock and waters around there. At the moment fishing after really sturdy seatrout is at its best there, but there's been caught nice fish closer to Denmark aswell. I guess best way to get there to those waters is to go to south Denmark by car or take a ferry to north Germany from Trelleborg or Ystad. Wsters in Lake Vättern and Vänern are covered in ice and maybe will be so for another month or so. Waters around Simrishamn might be good, but if you are after 10+kg seatrout, then places mentioned above are the way to go.
Read Svens raport below. Also a nice pic of the trout and fisherman. Congratulations!

"Hi Jan and Jussi,
I tried fishing on Friday. First I had to change my plan where to fish  as new ice started to built up so finally I went to other places. Also  in this area all the water in the more shallow part (< 10 m) was coverd  by ice, so I went to 15-16 deep water and started to fish. Temperature  in the surface water was monitored all time and the minimum temperature  reached -1.5°C. Hower, to our surprice a few cod took our lures on the  downrigger. However, ice conditions did not improved even with rising  air temperatures and we finally stopped fishing at 2 PM. But to my surprise I was told today that a friend had a fantastic  fishing: having caught 3 trouts with the biggest beeing a XXL format of  9,96 kg and 95 cm. This happened on the same day when we were out, just  in this water which was covered by ice when we tried to fish there. I  will try to get a picture from this dream of a seatrout!" Mvh Sven