Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fourth and fifth day, Hasslö.

Yesterday we went on a little tour and found not a single salmon but some other locations to seek through later, maybe next week.
Today we went out to the spot where we had good fishing on tuesday, but conditions had changed. We didn't find the big amount of baitfish, but the warmer water was still around and we found some smaller scholls of baitfish to hang around. We managed to catch two salmon weighing around 10 kg and released the both. It felt good to do that. We fought them hard as usually, using single hooks on our spoons and a new rubberised net from Fox left all scales intact on the salmon, so releasing them went just fine.
Tomorrow we are going to Mörrum for a visit at Laxens hus and then to Fiskeshoppen in Karlshamn for a chat and probably buying some spoons we don't need and then for a lunch at Väggahamnen to eat some salmon cooked in one or another way. A full day with fish without fishing;-)
For those coming to Hasslö to go for the big salmon you have good fishing just 1-2 Nm out of Knuven since southwesterly winds have pushed in some warmer water and also some salmon closer to shore. There is a lot of fish in the area and a very few garfish, so now is the time to go for the big ones. A couple of really nice nice fish is taken every day in the area so the time to get the catch a really nice fish is right now.
Releasing a nice salmon.
Single hook 4/0 and a knotless, rubberrised net saves fish.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hasslö, third day.

Yesterday we caught nothing except some garfish and cods. Some boats did well: a couple of nearly, magic 20kg were caught in Blekinge. They were around 120cm long and should have weighed over 20 kg, but they didn't.
Today we decided to go out and see if we could find some spots that could hold fish. Far out we found a school of baitfish, a big one, and passed it three times. That was enough since we had four fish in a very short time. They weighed 8,5-9,5-9,5 and 11kg. We are after the 15+ salmon so we decided to leave the place since fishing there seemed to be very easy. No need for us to take any more fish so went to see some other locations for bigger salmon. We have a clue where they can be and tomorrow we'll try to see if they are there.
All strikes are filmed with two cameras and will "Soon come to a computer near you" ;-)

11kg, Salmon,  Hasslö.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hasslö, first full day fishing.

We came here yesterday and went out to look at the conditions late afternoon. Water seemed to be ok, even though we got one garfish in the 7-8 C warm water, we found some hints to go after for todays fishing.
Everything works fine on the boat:
We caught some really nice salmon weighing just 10kg and another estimated 14kg on a rocking boat. Home, 8 hours later, bleeded, that salmon weighed 13.4kg.
The salmonfights are cought on film with two cameras. We have seen the films and especially the clips taken with the headcamera is just salmonfishing thrown in the face on those who will see the clips. We will not make any films of the clips on this trip, but below i have some photos from the fishes.
They took a grizzly spoon with sad colours and a Big Ed with happy colours. One salmon took behind a surfaceplaner and the other took on the downrigger.
Little bit windy today. But we are looking for a little bit calmer weather tomorrow.
Weatherforecast is sent on channel 25 on the VHF when Stockholm radio is saying there is a raport coming. Very good to know!

Monday, May 2, 2011


We took a sunday to see and feel the waters out off Hasslö before soon getting there for a weeks fishing. We tried out the boat and equipment and everything worked well. We even caught some fish. Not very big but big enough for the grill next week. Some 4,5 kg salmon and a smaller one, to be back in the water.
Bert took a photo of the salmon with the new downriggerweights from Scanlure.
This weights tracked well, have no sharp edges, outershell made of plastic that will not destroy the boat if they accidently get close to the boats sides. We tried out our new cameras and they give a really good quality of the film. Some softwarebugs remains to get fixed, but in time those will be solved too. We have two cameras and hopefully we get something to film so we can cut our fishingfilms whole nights and fish all days:-)
Scanlure bottomseeker, Grizzly spoon from Denmark. Salmon from Hasslö, Sweden.

I had a really weird thing going on when i had a tangle on my stacked downrigger rod and the inner surfacerod. Those two baits found each other and the surfacerods hook managed to get through the stacked spoons tophole. I have never seen anything like this so i took a photo of it...what is the chance doing this trick again?
The tangle was easy to solve, just take out the hook from the hole and the spoons went fishing again.
It's looking good for the weekend. Weather is going to be a bit cold but what the heck, just get on with the big suckers. Try to get atleast one 15+ salmon is our goal. Tight lines and be careful out there.