Saturday, November 27, 2010

Filmtaime! Old movies from Lake Vättern.

Brother and Bert fished in Northern Lake Vättern, out of Karlsborg and had good fishing a couple of years ago.
Weather was windy and cloudy, but fishing was ok. Bert was looking for ideal place to mount his camera and at this time it was placed on the planerboardmast. Litttle bit far away from action, but close enough to catch some typical incidents that can happend on windy lakes and bitewilling fish that isn't pleased with only one bait
I fished nearby from my boat with Nikke from Team Jansson, and we had scimilar fishing. In other words very good.

Brother is floored by a big wave, but he's up, as shot from a slingshot, in a few seconds, continued fishing as nothing happend. Look at the clip here:
Brother floored by a big wave.

One hungry salmon takes two baits. In the wind fellow fisherman didn't take any notice of a reel giving signal, there is Fish On!
Here is the clip:
One salmon takes two baits, but fellow fisheman doesn't take notice:-)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

First in the water gets most fish...

...and these are some really fast methods to launch a boat. It just happends to be Warrior 165, of some reason. Are Warriorowners little bit more nuts then others? Judge for yourself the two various ways how to wet the boats. Both are a bit of a Redneckstyle, but very usable if you have a boat tough as a warrior.
I have launched my boat in the Borghamn harbour, lake Vättern several times and it's a little bit like the example when the man let go of the boat from a pier. The harbour in Borghamn is probably the last one to freeze in all Swedish lakes, so that's is the best spot to launch a boat if you have panic to get salmon for christmas. Just a pitty the people in the harbour just doesn't make it a proper harbour for sportfisherman. I'll keep dropping my boat boat from the ramp as the man on the bottom example, since i just think Borghamn is a great place to book for a weekend and have as a base when fishing around the waters there.

Can it be done faster then this?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Filmtajm! Bert and Micke fighting mullet...among others things.

Bert is releasing his collection of filmclips from fishingadventures on the Swedish westcoast.
This film is one of my personal favourites.
Some swearwords, seaweed and algees on places where it shoulden't be and a nice mullet that is bigger and stronger than it appears from the beginning, adds some spice to this filmclip.
I had a good laugh looking it, so take a look and judge for yourself. I give it a ten out of ten!

Click on the link and see the film:
Filmtime. Bert and Micke with mullet and seaweed..

Friday, November 19, 2010

New cool downriggerweights from Denmark

Look at these new enviromentaly friendly downriggerweights from Scanlure. The outer shell is some hardwear plastic and it's filled with irongrain instead of lead. The design of the ball is a little bit slimmer than a weight made of lead and will add up to the loss of weight. They are tough gear: Look at the filmclip on scanlures homepage where you see that they can bee abused badly and stand it. Plastic is tough stuff!
They also make a little weight that will be put on the line, very slim and fast to use, when trolling.
I coulden't find it on their homepage, but if you contact Scanlure, they'll give you some information. The weights are only for sale in Denmark this far and probably they will be for sale in Sweden aswell.
The reason why they make a weight like this is because in Denmark it's forbidden to use leadweights when fishing!! When will it be forbidden here?

Me, Fiskeberra and Finnfisher will try out these new weights as soon as possible and let you know how they work.

Check out the weights at or just look at the cool homepage.

Weigths come in 3, 5 and 7.5 kg. 

Different colours too.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New cameras for filming

Now we have all the things we need for fishing and thought we spend some hard earned money on cameras to remember it all! A good photo or filmclip on the fishing is a fine way to honour the catch too.

Trollingfisherman often buy bigger boats when updating their fishing. I have had my plans doing that too, but have figured out i will hardly never have use for a bigger boat then my Warrior 165. I can handle it alone easily and all the costs are in within my limits, leaving me to get us much fishing out of my boat as possible. I waste money on petrol and good accomodation when fishing. So adding a filmcamera and start doing fishingfilms with the Team is just natural.

So we are spending some more money updating Berts single POV v.i.o, with two 
POV HD-filmcameras. One to be mounted on the boat and the second to be carried by one of us. With theese we can have twice as much material and hopefully do some more films to show on our blogs. Even cool to have them on dvd and watch them on TV, since thats where the biggest improvement will be with the new model.
We have priordered our cameras at We  will have them in middle of december if everything goes as planned.

Berts old camera is for sale.
It's a perfect camera to start with, perfect for active use outdoor, waterproof and very rough. All films on my blog and Berts are filmed with that camera. Little bit limited when showing films on big TV-screens, but fine for computers and but for the money Bert wants for, it's a good start filming and a bargain for that price. 

Look at his blog for information.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Vänern with Andreas and his new boat.

Went to Vänern yesterday with Andreas for fishing waters west of Kållandsö.  The trip was the first in his new boat. He barely have had time to finish all the work on it so small things as an example rodholders were mounted night before fishing, so the boat was as new as it could be. It worked really well considering there were just some finetuning on the instruments left, it was instantly a fine boat to catch fish from. We had some raports from good fishing in Dalbosjön, so fishing there was a good start.
First fish in the boat could have been a really nice one that bit a anchovy in a Vuoksiraksi baithead, colour "Finnish flag" trolled at 2 knots behind 30g. lead, but the fish went off the hook less then 10 meters from the boat. Such happends sometimes. That fish was strong!
We didn't have to wait long before an other fish took a baitfish fished behind a flasher, 26 feet down on the downrigger. This one didn't get away! The fish was in a very god condition, but Andreas took care of it well. The fish weighed in at 8.150 kg. Not very long, but very sturdy, full of baitfish (Nors). A Vk-flasher and a modified Anchovyscull with anchovy was that salmons last dinner!
The trout took a Tormentor, sal 25 in the surface. We fished all day between Klas and Pålgrund.

Andreas with his new Rocad 606 SD. Take a look at his blog for more photos of his boat.
Good start! Salmon 8.150kg. First fish in the boat was also the biggest  he have cought in Vänern.
Me with yesterdays catch.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nice day on Vänern

Very windy in the morning, NNW some 8-9m/s and cold! Huuh...
We managed to get out to our spots from yesterday, but there were nothing left on them to keep us there, so we kept going west to our spots on "bananen". There we had some hits on our baits, but only got a to small trout for the fishingbook.
Nice day, sunny, a bit windy and some fish, but to small.
Some boats fished around "mittledarn". LappiaJorma was one of them and he had a fourheader. Of them he got up two, one 9.2kg and another 5.5kg. Both trouts! That's the way to go!
Warrior scenery!

Friday, November 5, 2010


Fished out of Mellerud, Lake Vänern today. Nice day with relative from Norway as companion. Markku did well and there were not to much wind in the morning but increasing in the afternoon with some 8m/s. We managed to hook on two small salmon and another salmon 64cm. A seagull visited the boat aswell. The bird gave some really nice sound in one of the reels after hiting one of the baits in the surface. After some dentalwork with pliers and thick gloves it went of, extremely angry but atleast alive. The 64cm salmon will be christmassalmon at some Norwegian party. Tomorrow we try to see if can catch some bigger fish. We had or bites at "Bananen" and outside of Kräklingarna. 8-9 degrees in the water.
Fish bit on Anchovy in Vuoksiraksi baitheads, bluewhite. Speed were some 2 knots to cover some water and fish it off tomorrow. A plug, Tomic 4 inch had some hits aswell, pearlblue i beleave it was.

"SarppeMarkku" with todays catch.
Vuoksiraksi with Anchovy.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Abborreaction on film from yesterdays fishing.

Look, here it is! PERCH ACTION ON FILM!
Not a megasizeperch but big enough to be caught on film. The clip is only minut and a half long, but still fun. Beginning of the battle is not there. We were busy doing other things and simply had not turned on the camera. That's the way it is when testing new methods, equipment and places.