Friday, November 19, 2010

New cool downriggerweights from Denmark

Look at these new enviromentaly friendly downriggerweights from Scanlure. The outer shell is some hardwear plastic and it's filled with irongrain instead of lead. The design of the ball is a little bit slimmer than a weight made of lead and will add up to the loss of weight. They are tough gear: Look at the filmclip on scanlures homepage where you see that they can bee abused badly and stand it. Plastic is tough stuff!
They also make a little weight that will be put on the line, very slim and fast to use, when trolling.
I coulden't find it on their homepage, but if you contact Scanlure, they'll give you some information. The weights are only for sale in Denmark this far and probably they will be for sale in Sweden aswell.
The reason why they make a weight like this is because in Denmark it's forbidden to use leadweights when fishing!! When will it be forbidden here?

Me, Fiskeberra and Finnfisher will try out these new weights as soon as possible and let you know how they work.

Check out the weights at or just look at the cool homepage.

Weigths come in 3, 5 and 7.5 kg. 

Different colours too.

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