Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New cameras for filming

Now we have all the things we need for fishing and thought we spend some hard earned money on cameras to remember it all! A good photo or filmclip on the fishing is a fine way to honour the catch too.

Trollingfisherman often buy bigger boats when updating their fishing. I have had my plans doing that too, but have figured out i will hardly never have use for a bigger boat then my Warrior 165. I can handle it alone easily and all the costs are in within my limits, leaving me to get us much fishing out of my boat as possible. I waste money on petrol and good accomodation when fishing. So adding a filmcamera and start doing fishingfilms with the Team is just natural.

So we are spending some more money updating Berts single POV v.i.o, with two 
POV HD-filmcameras. One to be mounted on the boat and the second to be carried by one of us. With theese we can have twice as much material and hopefully do some more films to show on our blogs. Even cool to have them on dvd and watch them on TV, since thats where the biggest improvement will be with the new model.
We have priordered our cameras at sportscam.se. We  will have them in middle of december if everything goes as planned.

Berts old camera is for sale.
It's a perfect camera to start with, perfect for active use outdoor, waterproof and very rough. All films on my blog and Berts are filmed with that camera. Little bit limited when showing films on big TV-screens, but fine for computers and but for the money Bert wants for, it's a good start filming and a bargain for that price. 

Look at his blog for information. fiskeberra.blogspot.com

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