Saturday, November 27, 2010

Filmtaime! Old movies from Lake Vättern.

Brother and Bert fished in Northern Lake Vättern, out of Karlsborg and had good fishing a couple of years ago.
Weather was windy and cloudy, but fishing was ok. Bert was looking for ideal place to mount his camera and at this time it was placed on the planerboardmast. Litttle bit far away from action, but close enough to catch some typical incidents that can happend on windy lakes and bitewilling fish that isn't pleased with only one bait
I fished nearby from my boat with Nikke from Team Jansson, and we had scimilar fishing. In other words very good.

Brother is floored by a big wave, but he's up, as shot from a slingshot, in a few seconds, continued fishing as nothing happend. Look at the clip here:
Brother floored by a big wave.

One hungry salmon takes two baits. In the wind fellow fisherman didn't take any notice of a reel giving signal, there is Fish On!
Here is the clip:
One salmon takes two baits, but fellow fisheman doesn't take notice:-)

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