Thursday, November 25, 2010

First in the water gets most fish...

...and these are some really fast methods to launch a boat. It just happends to be Warrior 165, of some reason. Are Warriorowners little bit more nuts then others? Judge for yourself the two various ways how to wet the boats. Both are a bit of a Redneckstyle, but very usable if you have a boat tough as a warrior.
I have launched my boat in the Borghamn harbour, lake Vättern several times and it's a little bit like the example when the man let go of the boat from a pier. The harbour in Borghamn is probably the last one to freeze in all Swedish lakes, so that's is the best spot to launch a boat if you have panic to get salmon for christmas. Just a pitty the people in the harbour just doesn't make it a proper harbour for sportfisherman. I'll keep dropping my boat boat from the ramp as the man on the bottom example, since i just think Borghamn is a great place to book for a weekend and have as a base when fishing around the waters there.

Can it be done faster then this?

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