Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 6-7

These days were spent at Jarmos hostel in Borghamn. I brought my mother and some relatives there for celebrating her birthday. The place is nice and quiet and also a perfect spot to have as a base for fishing out of Omberg area. I went fishing a couple of days trying to hook one or two salmons since it's to be good fishing around there now. 
Friday was a windy day. Some 8-9 m/s northwest with gusts reaching 10-12. On the eastern side of the lake it can be tough fishing, but in my Warrior we had no problems managing the waves or the wind. We used five rods and hooked a double Lake Wättern triple. Two salmon 68 and 75cm, two char 60 and 65cm, two trouts, one legal size and the other under size. But still, - a Lake Wättern triple is a really nice catch.
On saturday there were King Winter Salmon i the area. A fishing competition all over the fishy spots! Some boats came really close to us, obviously not having a clue about the rules to be followed so we don't mess up our boats and gear in a hellball. 
Well,well, i tried another spot instead. We caught ours salmons day before so there were no rush after them. It looked really good some time during early afternoon and then it started to snow. That was it, fishingday was over for this time. And it seems as Bay of Motala will have a rest for some time since there is thick ice at the boat ramp now.
Before the snow started to fall we caught a 60cm char and had a nice strike on another rod. The planer backed and lifted a meter up i the air, so there were a nice trout or salmon on there for a while but it went loose. Both days a flie caught most fish. Home made apex took one fine char and a baitfish behind a flasher had a couple of strikes too.
Pics taken of Markku from Norway.

Markku with two fine salmons. Floatingjacket
and longjohns! :-)
Vadstena harbour soon to be covered in ice.


I have picked out the passengers seat.
Copilots use to sit on the driversseat since i
never sit there myself.