Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My stay in Laponia, Finland, 2012.

Summer up north was fine. Good weather with enough of everything, fine balance with some rainy days, but mostly overcast. I had a nice flow in most of my projects; getting firewood for a long time, restoring buildings, training and at last i did lots of fishing. Mostly we caught perch, pikes and some smaller trouts. So my intake of protein this summer was based on fish...Some sausages went down too.

Mother with nice pike.

Cousin with one of the pikes she caught.

A fishcatcher to have some trust in.

No road to this lake. Only a narrow path leads us to this remote
clearwater lake.

An afternoons catch.

Jani in Livojärvi with some nice perch. Spectacular weather that evening.

One of my best shots this summer.

Look at the colours on the perch. A typical clearwater fish.

Around a half kilo each...

This is a good way to cook fish. With a Finnish muurikka.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Lake Vättern

In case you want try to get some really nice char, Lake Vättern is the place to fish. We fished out of Hjo on thursday last week. The boat was in water from early afternoon till sunset and in those few hours we had a fair number of char in the boat. We kept some for the midsummer feast and the rest of the fish was released outside of the boat, as usual.
Fish took on baitfish behind dodger and flasher, baitfish behind actiondisc, on flies, both in in surface, 50g lead and on downrigger between 40-80 feet. No fuzz, simple fishing. Go for 25-35m deep water, east of the harbour and there's lot of baitfish and all the other ones that gives a nice go on the rods.
Watertemp. is not mixed up, so it's easy to find spots that held fish.
I had Stefan with me on this little trip on thursday. The fish in his hands is one of the ones we kept for the grill.

Have a jolly fine fishing everybody all around the sweet lakes we have to take care of.
I have been writing back and forward to about the salmonfishing in the Baltic sea.
The new regulations almost went thru; due to them, if we caught a salmon with adiposefin left (wild salmon) we should have thrown it back in the sea, dead or alive.
Now, there is only 40% of planted salmon in the Baltic sea that has their adipose fin cut off, since Sweden is the only country of them around the Baltic sea that do this. So, it's hard to know if it's a wild salmon on the hook or planted, so therefor the new regulations were put on ice.
 I was looking forward to new regulations, a plan to save and look after the population of wild salmon in the Baltic sea. Giving us something to follow we could have said also the regulations in the northern part of the sea must be looked over, all in mind to save the wild salmon.
Now the rivermouth of Torne älv is blocked by nets. Swedes blocked it june 19 and Finns will do it june 25. Opens up on september 15.
Up the river you'll find teams, approx. 50 of them that fish with nets and something called kullenät. These teams are not fishing for their living. They reported they caught 3094 kg. salmon last year with their nets. That is 300 salmon if averageweight is 10kg...That is clearly false numbers. I'm working on to prove it, so i leave it for now.
A have all the numbers of caught fish in the Torneriver, (numbers reported).
I must say it's gives a strange feeling when looking at all these numbers and at the same time look at the new regulations that almost went thru for us fishing with boats, rod and reel in the sea.
Due to new regulations I should have thrown back wild fish, maybe dead, in the sea when they haul up wild fish in nets in the pearl of wild, untouched rivers in northern europe, Torne river.
It's nuts!
I recommend you to read the regulations on the Finnish-Swedish boarder commission homepage .
Click on the banner in Swedish and then
There is some 90 pages, but you'll soon find the interesting parts.
Now, when you have read it; contact by sending them a question to how they will deal with our fishing contra the fishing they have in the rivers up north with nets.
The more of us that send mail to them, the sooner they have to start dealing with it. Show intrest!
Ask them simply how they can have rules and regulations from year 1800 in the rivers, when sportfisherman are put to regulations 2012 with the meaning of saving wild salmon.
Do a good job and have a nice summer.
I'm off to Lappland tomorrow. Back in august :-)
Stefan with one of the chars

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hasslö 2012

Last week, week 18,  we spent on Hasslö, south Sweden, Blekinge. A well known spot for big salmon this time of the year. The  hunt after the +20kg goes on since this year we didn't get it.
But we tried, the god of fishes, should know. We had four full days of fishing, two half days and one day none fishing at all due to hard wind. We managed to catch 12 salmon during those days.
Nine of them weighed more than ten kg. and that is a decent average, i think. The heaviest fishes were 12-13kg. Maybe not impressing, comparing how many salmons they catch out of Simrishamn and Ystad at the moment. But we go for the big ones and then, let it be, we catch less fish, but have chance on really big ones. This year we released more then half of the salmon we caught. Fish in good condition we simply put back. Even though we must praktis this more. To get the fish back in the water as soon as possible. Getting back later about this issue.
Team Lürsta did what every salmon fisher aims for. They caught a really nice fish april 28. Their salmon weighed in at 19.80kg! Very good looking fish in the best condition. Well done, and congratulations! Our fishing was filmed by Berts camera and the two and 1/2 hour of constant screaming reels and fighting salmons will be cut down to a film, about ten minutes long. New technique makes it possible to tag and save only the fights even if the camera is filming all day long. Very good. Here are some photos from our fishing last week.

Team Lürsta with their nice salmon.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fantastic fishing in waters between Germany and Denmark

Sven Hille from Rostock, Germany reported some really nice salmons. The salmon on the photo weighs 14 kg and was caught on saturday after only five minutes of trolling. During the day they had two more salmons caught. The weighed in at eight and ten kg, so the the day was successful, no doubt.

During the sixth Rugen Trollingmeeting, Raik Sklarski, Rostock, caught a 123cm long, 21,64kg heavy salmon by using a longline 150 behind the boat. Congratulations to a really nice catch. The spoon used was mentioned but somehow i forgot the make and colour after i ordered the last 3 available in shops in Sweden. The receipt is eaten by my cat so no way to get hold to this info. If the have some nice salmons on them, i'll write about them here. Grizzlys, NK, Ismo and Silver streaks will do fine too. Hopefully. Anyway, thanks for the info, Sven.

Raik Sklarski with a 21,64 kg heavy salmon. Impressive fish caught with
proper fishing gear.  

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

News from Germany

Bodden angeln is doing really well in South Baltics. They have good salmonfishing there right now and from what Sven Hille writes he confirms the good fishing in his reports. Fishes weighing 10 kilos are common and some fisherman made their luck by catching +20kg. salmons. Sven wrote about a salmon weighing 24 kilos and that promises good for fisherman going for the megasize salmon in our waters in a few weeks time. The one who fish, will see.
Salmon on the picture weighs 15kg and was caught on quality fishgear from Finland. Vk2 flasher works fine with plastic baits also. Hat off for the fellow fisherman. Congratulations to a nice catch. Thanks Sven for the info.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Filtajm, part II from Blekinge 2011

This film shows four salmon caught. We had a really good day since we caught four salmon before noon. We thought we had enough so we left the place and went home. The fishes weighed between 9.5
and 11.5 kg. All fish were caught on the same location. A little sweet spot middle of the ocean.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Finally! Filmtime!

We have cut our clips from fishing in Blekinge, 2011 into the first film out of three.
The films have been done late! Almost time to get ready for a new fishingseason in south Baltics. This first clip has a lot of noise disturbance from the wind. We later covered the microphone with a soft foam and it made it better in the coming films. Lot of screaming reels in the films, so we didn't want to cover the noise with music for an example.
So here they are; an apetizer for everyone who's going fishing there.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 6-7

These days were spent at Jarmos hostel in Borghamn. I brought my mother and some relatives there for celebrating her birthday. The place is nice and quiet and also a perfect spot to have as a base for fishing out of Omberg area. I went fishing a couple of days trying to hook one or two salmons since it's to be good fishing around there now. 
Friday was a windy day. Some 8-9 m/s northwest with gusts reaching 10-12. On the eastern side of the lake it can be tough fishing, but in my Warrior we had no problems managing the waves or the wind. We used five rods and hooked a double Lake Wättern triple. Two salmon 68 and 75cm, two char 60 and 65cm, two trouts, one legal size and the other under size. But still, - a Lake Wättern triple is a really nice catch.
On saturday there were King Winter Salmon i the area. A fishing competition all over the fishy spots! Some boats came really close to us, obviously not having a clue about the rules to be followed so we don't mess up our boats and gear in a hellball. 
Well,well, i tried another spot instead. We caught ours salmons day before so there were no rush after them. It looked really good some time during early afternoon and then it started to snow. That was it, fishingday was over for this time. And it seems as Bay of Motala will have a rest for some time since there is thick ice at the boat ramp now.
Before the snow started to fall we caught a 60cm char and had a nice strike on another rod. The planer backed and lifted a meter up i the air, so there were a nice trout or salmon on there for a while but it went loose. Both days a flie caught most fish. Home made apex took one fine char and a baitfish behind a flasher had a couple of strikes too.
Pics taken of Markku from Norway.

Markku with two fine salmons. Floatingjacket
and longjohns! :-)
Vadstena harbour soon to be covered in ice.


I have picked out the passengers seat.
Copilots use to sit on the driversseat since i
never sit there myself.