Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hasslö 2012

Last week, week 18,  we spent on Hasslö, south Sweden, Blekinge. A well known spot for big salmon this time of the year. The  hunt after the +20kg goes on since this year we didn't get it.
But we tried, the god of fishes, should know. We had four full days of fishing, two half days and one day none fishing at all due to hard wind. We managed to catch 12 salmon during those days.
Nine of them weighed more than ten kg. and that is a decent average, i think. The heaviest fishes were 12-13kg. Maybe not impressing, comparing how many salmons they catch out of Simrishamn and Ystad at the moment. But we go for the big ones and then, let it be, we catch less fish, but have chance on really big ones. This year we released more then half of the salmon we caught. Fish in good condition we simply put back. Even though we must praktis this more. To get the fish back in the water as soon as possible. Getting back later about this issue.
Team Lürsta did what every salmon fisher aims for. They caught a really nice fish april 28. Their salmon weighed in at 19.80kg! Very good looking fish in the best condition. Well done, and congratulations! Our fishing was filmed by Berts camera and the two and 1/2 hour of constant screaming reels and fighting salmons will be cut down to a film, about ten minutes long. New technique makes it possible to tag and save only the fights even if the camera is filming all day long. Very good. Here are some photos from our fishing last week.

Team Lürsta with their nice salmon.