Sunday, March 27, 2011

Springtrout from Germany.

Sven Hille in Rostock has been out spinnfishing for trouts. Due to the cold winter trolling for salmon has been hard even in south Baltic sea, but there is some good pikefishing on Rügen and the the troutfishing from the shore is fine too, but Svens latest fishingtrip was headed to a river.
Read Svens raport from his latest fishing. A really nice photo of the catch is added to his raport.

"I am just back from a few hour spinnfishing trip on a friends boat on our local river Warnow. I took this chance as a force 4-5 from west made trolling in the Baltic Sea impossible or at least not joyride. It took only 10 casts before the first trout was hooked. It was a small but very beautiful and powerfull fish which was released back to the water with good wishes for the future... Strikes countinued and we had some really nice fights. Not big fish, all in the range 50-60 cm but pure silver and very powerfull." 

Seatrout. Pure silver. Very nice fish.