Monday, April 11, 2016

Lake Vänern

Testing the boat and gear after 10 months rest. Took a while to prepare the little warrior but after sunset on Friday evening it was done. Took off to Lake Vänern on Saturday morning and went out from Spiken harbour.
Decreasing wind made it comfortable rest of the day. Had a half day fishing and had 15 contacts, 10 of them in the boat and 2 with us back home.
Fish bit on bait heads with chrome, bluegreen and pink. Best was the gold green Vuoksiraksi with 30 g. lead. Only 4-4.5 degrees C in the water. According to the vhf people had good fishing at Hinden. With warmer water it's going to get better around the Kållandsö water.
Mate of the day was a collegue from work.

Per looking for strikes.

Lake Vänern. New rodholders on the downriggers.
Thanks, Sven:-)

Goodies for the grill!