Monday, December 16, 2013

It's fun almost always...

…but this day wasn't one of the most memorable for being particularly fun.
Conditions for fishing seemed to be ok for saturday. We took ourselves together and gathered our gear for a salmontrip to northern Lake Wättern. On the location in Karslborg harbour we saw none of the fine conditions we had hoped to see there. Instead we had rain, wind and not one single fisher in the harbor. NOT good!
Didn't we check weather forecast for this day? 
Hard wind and the rain were far from best possible weather for salmon fishing, but we made it out to our spots just outside of Karlsborg. We didn't one single bite on our baitfishes there so we followed the wind to Granvik. Went over a number of fine spots for salmon but nothing happened before being just outside of Granvik, where we had four fishes landed in a short period of time.
Two chars took baitfish fished with control in Vuoksiraksi baitheads. Both took shallow. Another char took on downrigger and flasher and finally a really fine salmon bit on a baitfish witch had aid from an actiondisc to get the proper swim. Also on the down rigger. Two hours later a fat, small trout took a shallow fished baitfish. Two cm. too small to visit the frying pan, it was released.
A fine fishing day, but the price we paid for it was considerable: more or less everything was wet after the day. Clothes are still drying! We have our Ursuite MPS and that is some really good gear to use always on open water. 
Everything worked really well on the boat, she didn't miss a beat. 
Bert got his salmon for the x-mastable and was of course pleased with that. But, this day we could have fished it from from the shore, casting tubeflies from the rocks is more popular then ever and very effective when targeting for salmon feeding close to land. 
But we are addicted to open water, the feeling of open landscape and horizon is fantastic regardless of the time of the year. So, even though the boat could have been sold for a small amount of money on that saturday afternoon, I might keep her and continue doing this for a while longer.

This is our catch brought home. A 75 cm. long salmon and a 
55cm. long char. Both in excellent condition.

This is classic waters for salmon fishing. Outside of the Axstål 
bunker in north Lake Wättern.

Look from the warriors captains seat.

New fishmobile.