Saturday, November 9, 2013

Vättern, november 1-2

Long time, no see. Blog had to be updated, though I had to go fishing getting material for it.
Easy choose for fishing this time of the year; Lake Vättern, northern part is the place where to go at this time of the year.
I made a trip up there and brought with me mothers cousin. He wanted some boost to his X-mastable and that was a good reason to bring him with me.
Fishing was good out of Granvik. On friday we caught two salmon between 70-65cm. Not he biggest of salmons. On saturday we got 3 salmons, 2 trouts and one char.
There were a lot of fish in the area so fishing was easy. Little bit to easy, though i tested some new colors on the Vuoksiraksi bait heads and some new flies. They worked well, so to say.
I'm waiting a couple of weeks, then I'm going up there again. Engine needs to be maintained.
Keep the gear in good shape, folks. Fishing in these conditions is dangerous and demand good seamanship. Better with no salmon at christmas than no fisherman for the rest of the family to celebrate it with. Think twice, and take care.

Vuoksiraksi baitheads rocks.
I'm having a go with them on Lake Vättern and Sven Hille, Rostock, Germany uses them on Baltics with good result. The picture shows his latest catch, a nice salmon from south Baltic sea.

Markku with salmons.

Sven with his salmon from south baltic sea.