Thursday, February 14, 2013

Blekinge 2012 - En trollingfiskares vardag

Thought it could be about time to update this blog with a smoking fresh video cut by Bert. I'ts a summary from last years fishing from Blekinge, South Baltic sea.

We had some really good fishing with just about everything we wanted, good size and fair amount of salmons we had contact with. No really big salmon hit our hooks but we had some 13-14kg as biggest and a very fine average size on the rest, some 11 kg, i think it was. Half all our caught salmon were released. We used only singlehooks on our spoons and off course the rubberized net, for gentle landing.

Last summer i burned some fuses getting involved in discussions with authorities regarding the politics in salmonfishing in the Baltics sea. I wrote many, many mails to Hav & vatten myndigheten and got more confused the more i learned about the system and politics in fishing in the sea and the rivers. When summer ended i was fed up, i have to say. The mess created by lobbyists, gready people and stupid politics is not to be fixed by a few angry sportsfisherman, that's for sure. There are several forums to join on Facebook, for an example Save the baltic salmon, since many angry and dissapointed fisherman jell a hell of a lot louder, that will make a difference.

I have done other things during my stay away from fishing. Upgraded my drivers licence, sharpened my skills in horse driving and so on. But fishing is up again. At last :-)

Enjoy Berts fine clip, but be beware of swearwords. Big salmon and fine weather may forgive some of the bad language! I'll improve this year <"((((><

Click for full screen and go for the HD definition. The light out on the sea is great for films and photos!