Sunday, March 11, 2012

Finally! Filmtime!

We have cut our clips from fishing in Blekinge, 2011 into the first film out of three.
The films have been done late! Almost time to get ready for a new fishingseason in south Baltics. This first clip has a lot of noise disturbance from the wind. We later covered the microphone with a soft foam and it made it better in the coming films. Lot of screaming reels in the films, so we didn't want to cover the noise with music for an example.
So here they are; an apetizer for everyone who's going fishing there.


  1. Very nice! Check out my vids sometime.

    1. Hello! Thanks. I have already seen most of your filmclips and they actually inspired us in this little film and the ones that we'll release in a few weeks. You do a fine work!
      Tight lines.