Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My stay in Laponia, Finland, 2012.

Summer up north was fine. Good weather with enough of everything, fine balance with some rainy days, but mostly overcast. I had a nice flow in most of my projects; getting firewood for a long time, restoring buildings, training and at last i did lots of fishing. Mostly we caught perch, pikes and some smaller trouts. So my intake of protein this summer was based on fish...Some sausages went down too.

Mother with nice pike.

Cousin with one of the pikes she caught.

A fishcatcher to have some trust in.

No road to this lake. Only a narrow path leads us to this remote
clearwater lake.

An afternoons catch.

Jani in Livojärvi with some nice perch. Spectacular weather that evening.

One of my best shots this summer.

Look at the colours on the perch. A typical clearwater fish.

Around a half kilo each...

This is a good way to cook fish. With a Finnish muurikka.


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    1. I can see that you had a lot of fun fishing in Finland. I love fishing too, it's what I do every time I spend my vacation in Oregon. Oregon Fishing

  2. Fishes are great, it seems smell good, I love to take a bite Alaska Salmon Fishing Guide

  3. Hello again Jussi. I like your blog, you should write more and more often. I like your videos too. The fish you catch are BIG!

    How you are able to fish so many rods all at once is so amazing to me. It looks like you are using some kind of plainer boards to spead everything out. Maybe you could do a post someday explaning how it works.

    Where we fish we are only allowed to fish one rod per person at a time.

    Here is my latest video. Tight lines!