Sunday, November 14, 2010

Vänern with Andreas and his new boat.

Went to Vänern yesterday with Andreas for fishing waters west of Kållandsö.  The trip was the first in his new boat. He barely have had time to finish all the work on it so small things as an example rodholders were mounted night before fishing, so the boat was as new as it could be. It worked really well considering there were just some finetuning on the instruments left, it was instantly a fine boat to catch fish from. We had some raports from good fishing in Dalbosjön, so fishing there was a good start.
First fish in the boat could have been a really nice one that bit a anchovy in a Vuoksiraksi baithead, colour "Finnish flag" trolled at 2 knots behind 30g. lead, but the fish went off the hook less then 10 meters from the boat. Such happends sometimes. That fish was strong!
We didn't have to wait long before an other fish took a baitfish fished behind a flasher, 26 feet down on the downrigger. This one didn't get away! The fish was in a very god condition, but Andreas took care of it well. The fish weighed in at 8.150 kg. Not very long, but very sturdy, full of baitfish (Nors). A Vk-flasher and a modified Anchovyscull with anchovy was that salmons last dinner!
The trout took a Tormentor, sal 25 in the surface. We fished all day between Klas and Pålgrund.

Andreas with his new Rocad 606 SD. Take a look at his blog for more photos of his boat.
Good start! Salmon 8.150kg. First fish in the boat was also the biggest  he have cought in Vänern.
Me with yesterdays catch.

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