Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hasslö, third day.

Yesterday we caught nothing except some garfish and cods. Some boats did well: a couple of nearly, magic 20kg were caught in Blekinge. They were around 120cm long and should have weighed over 20 kg, but they didn't.
Today we decided to go out and see if we could find some spots that could hold fish. Far out we found a school of baitfish, a big one, and passed it three times. That was enough since we had four fish in a very short time. They weighed 8,5-9,5-9,5 and 11kg. We are after the 15+ salmon so we decided to leave the place since fishing there seemed to be very easy. No need for us to take any more fish so went to see some other locations for bigger salmon. We have a clue where they can be and tomorrow we'll try to see if they are there.
All strikes are filmed with two cameras and will "Soon come to a computer near you" ;-)

11kg, Salmon,  Hasslö.

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