Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hasslö, first full day fishing.

We came here yesterday and went out to look at the conditions late afternoon. Water seemed to be ok, even though we got one garfish in the 7-8 C warm water, we found some hints to go after for todays fishing.
Everything works fine on the boat:
We caught some really nice salmon weighing just 10kg and another estimated 14kg on a rocking boat. Home, 8 hours later, bleeded, that salmon weighed 13.4kg.
The salmonfights are cought on film with two cameras. We have seen the films and especially the clips taken with the headcamera is just salmonfishing thrown in the face on those who will see the clips. We will not make any films of the clips on this trip, but below i have some photos from the fishes.
They took a grizzly spoon with sad colours and a Big Ed with happy colours. One salmon took behind a surfaceplaner and the other took on the downrigger.
Little bit windy today. But we are looking for a little bit calmer weather tomorrow.
Weatherforecast is sent on channel 25 on the VHF when Stockholm radio is saying there is a raport coming. Very good to know!

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