Tuesday, May 11, 2010

WE DID IT! MISSION COMPLETED! (Hasslö, day four) Also on film.

Hasslö, fourth day and now have made it, that we came here to do. We wanted one fish weighing between 15-20 kg and today we made it. In the morning Bert wanted to go east and i thought we should go west, so we went south. Far out we found clean water with no rubbish and also huge amounts of schools of fish so we started fishing there. Clarity was +15meters, so we knew it was going to be a difficult day - again! We were alone out there, so we just kept us around the schools of fish and in the afternoon we had the one and only salmon this far taking one of our spoons. 30g led 10m behind the planer was the trick for today, after being on the right spot, of course, after many, many hours of trolling the last four days. We heard Danes catching fish from the downriggers, smaller fish. We did the opposite, - going closer the surface with 30g led at most and 30 feet on the riggers.
In the afternoon, 14.30: The strike was massive! The fish bit a spoon just 10m behind the Norppaplaner! I have never felt more power from a fish and at some points in the short but intense fight i felt i had very, very little controll of the outcome of how this was going to end. But somehow we managed to keep calm and get the fish to the net. And were we happy?
We have fished together a couple of years and knew our rolles, knew what to do. Very important to have a good teamwork in moment like this.
The fish was 111cm long, 71cm around the waist, just under 18 kg, bleeded, seven hours later. Weight afterjust been caught was something between 18.5 and just over 19kg. Caught on a grizzly M spoon in some fuzzy colour. Watertemp. is still only six degrees, so that was to our favour. Wait another 14 days and it will take more then the 20 minutes, as the this fight took, to net a fish of this size. We were photografed in the harbour with our salmon by one of the authors to Scandinavian-trolling.se and later named to "Kings of Hasslö 2010" in that forum. Cool!
Look at the fight with the salmon we caught. 13 minutes long. Some swearwords and a radio sending all the time...Look at the action on Berts filmclip:



  1. Grymmt mannen! Stort grattis! Jag ringer dig i morgon! Själva har vi kört bom i 2dagar i simris! =( ha det gött! MVH. Johan

  2. GRATTIS till kanonfisk och fin film med drill och håvning
    önskar Peter/Team Rödingen

  3. Grattis till fin fisk OCH bra film jag drillning MED håvning
    Peter / Team Rödingen

  4. Grattis till en superfisk !
    Skitspännande att se filmen.
    Micke / Team abu-trolling

  5. Grattis, kul film men stäng gärna av radion nästa gång =)

  6. Tackar för alla fina gratulationer. Fyller år gör man och blir gratulerad för det, utan att ha gjort något ovanligt mer än att klarat ett år till, det man förväntas göra. Det är ok, men vad är väl roligare än att få upp en sån här firre? Mycket tid och medel går åt, men det är det värt. Kul att också icke fiskande bloggare uppskattar fiskebloggar!