Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hasslö,day one.

First day fishing out of Hasslö, Karlskrona. We had no hurry out fishing since there were still a bit windy around noon, but finally we got out. Just a couple of seamiles out from Hasslö we started fishing around 13.00.
We tried out some of Berts older spots from earlier expeditions down here. Had to start with something, since there were some boats out, but we heard nothing on the radio from boats catching any fish, so we fished around trying to find something that could make any sence. We did that- had a good day, finding a lot of baitfish and action on the fishfinder but cought nothing except some small cods and a lot of rubbish swept out from the shore by northerly winds. We kept cleaning the lines and spoons, reweighing and rebaiting out setup, but no big salmon decided to make our day today. Watertemp was 4,6-7,3 degrees on the places we fished on. Some southwesterly winds can make a big change and we hope for that. We stay here whole next week if we have to. Big salmon tour is on! Photo is from action on the fishfinder today.

We used Berts arsenal of reels and rods today. Look at these beauties! Twenty years old, as new, Ambassadeur 7000 syncro and St.croix downriggerrods. Fighting fish with this equipment is fun, but till the fish bites, we just have to rest our eyes on them! We try again tomorrow, to catch some BIG salmon.

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