Sunday, May 2, 2010

Vättern, Huskvarna, May 2.

Went to Lake Vättern today with Bert. Fished out of Huskvarna. Went north to the see if we could find any fish on the normal spots, but there wasn't anybody home outside Fingal protectionarea. So we went south again, towards Jönköping. We managed to make some trouts and one char to bite over our baitfish. We used chromeheaded baitfish with 30-60g lead, slow speed on the turns and the boat was the recepie. Fish took also Apex and Uv-headed baitfish from the rigger. Fish took very gently in the cold water, 2,5 degrees. We had most of the bites in 30min. during the whole day!
Next week we will be fishing bigger fish, going to Karlskrona. Those bites from bigger salmon, will be easier to see, hopefully. Todays fish hardly managed to pull the line out of the releases. The water was soooo cold, huuh!

One of the fish we cought today. Good size trout. Released maybe to be caught another day.

The char we caught ended up here! 58cm long and in good condition. Very tasty!
We had a nice day on the lake, though the fishing wasn't easy. We still had fun! Everything worked fine on the boat.

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