Monday, April 26, 2010

25 April, Vänern with a youngster fishing with me.

Raports from good fishing in Dalbosjön, Vänern made me and Linus take the boat on the trailer and go fishing there. The fishing south of Klasgrund towards Måken lighhouse was really good and had been so for some days. When we got there, looking at the amount of fishingnets laid there, it must have been pleny of fish on that location Plenty, plenty fishing nets there! I heard rumours telling there was 500kg. salmon in some of the nets. Wonder how many of them were wild fish, ment to be thrown back!
Anyway, some boats made really well during the day, catching fish more or less easily. Those boats had their positions saved from day before, and they were rewarded for the work trying to find the fishy spots, with filling their limits with three fish/person. Some of them compeeted in the fishingcompetition, some as we, didn't.
The water was really cold, not reaching 2 degrees anywhere. Of some reason we found our fishes on even colder water. The two salmon we got was taken on baits rigged on the downriggers. The big one took on a watermelon UV headed baitfish on 26 feet and the smaller on a chromeheaded bait tackled to a VK-salmon flasher. It bit on 30 feet. We had an undersized salmon and a good fish lost too, and some bites on the baitfish we failed to see the strikes at.
Very tricky fishing it was. We got some positions from Johan, Team TOK and Robban at fishonnet, (thanks, i will reward that). Those positions worked fine! Thanks;-).
Young adept Linus did really well today. This adept will be on the Warrior more times.
I will be Back to Vänern on friday. Trying to catch big trout:-)

Linus with our catch, 4,5 and 7kg heavy salmons. The big one was 85cm long!

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