Monday, April 19, 2010

Fishing with Team Salsa/suzuki, Finland in Vänern. 18 april.

I had the opportunity to go fishing with Pertti Nevalainen, team Salsa/Suzuki Finland, 17-18 april. Yesterday we went up to Brommö, fishing east of ammuntionstippen and south from there. There where some fish caught there on saturday, but when we got there, the warm waterspots were gone. Temperature was 1.7-2.5 degrees, not the over 3 degrees warm water they had on saturday. Warmest water we found just outside the inlet to Brommösund, where also some boats had good fishing. We still managed to catch three fish between 65-70cm and an undersized trout. Fish bit from riggers, 30-45 feet and surface 50g. led. We also met "Storfan". A salmon or trout taking a bait from the planer, weighed down with 50g led. The fish pulled out line constantly for a couple of minutes. Even though it was very cold in the water the fish was unstopable. We didn't see the fish before it was lost. The tackle came up in one piece, with a badly ripped baitfish, so we might have met "Storfan"salmon himself :-) We take him another day. The photo shows Team Roope from Finland.

Concentration is on the instruments. Using baitfish as tackle and keeping a steady pace is one of the secrets for good fishing for Pertti and his crew.

This is what Team Salsa/Suzuki moves around in when they go fishing. They compeete in all major tournaments in Finland.

Photo is taken on sundays catch. Three boats took these. Four of them is from Brommö, rest is taken from waters around Pålgrund.

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