Monday, April 5, 2010

Till salu!

Dephtraider for sale. This unit is one of the best to measure speed and temperaure. This one is the first in Sweden. Kell laboraties in USA recalculated the software so Dephtraider showed the speed and temp in kmh or knots and celcius. This unit is little bit unique, since it's the first Kell laboraties sent us after we convinced them there was a market for Depthraiders here in Scandinavia. All they had to do was set the numbers so we could read them. And they did. This is unit nr.1. It has worked perfectly for many years. 2500kr is what i want for it. More info? Call or mail me.

Warn 1700 winch. New, never used. Only tested for function. Will pull 772kg. This winch can be used on a ATV aswell. 1300kr for this is worth not having to wind a boat up on a trailer. This winc is now sold/ Jussi

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