Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hästholmen 11 april.

Went to Hästholmen, Lake Vättern on sunday. Testing the boat and equipment. Northerly wind, 5-8m/sek. I didn't have a clue where to start fishing so i went up to Stocklycke, went west from there, fished my way out to deeper water. Tried to fish over some spots that have given fish before. Continued fishing my way down to the pumphouse, trying to find a spot with little warmer water, but failed doing that. Warmest water i found during whole day was a so small that i almost missed it on the fishfinder. +1.1 degrees, 1000m west the pumphouse ! Average temperature was some +0.8 degrees. Not very warm, but some people caught fish anyway. There was this Grandslam competition. 20 boats taking part. I had my mother and another friend with me. None of them experienced in fishing from a boat, so i didn't join the 20 other boats in the competition. But, thanks, Team Gesse for asking;-) Maybe next time!
Anyway, I used my baitfish, but should have used smaller minnows this day, since that's what i was told the fish bit on. Plastic, lightly weighed down in the surface was the melody. I still went for using my baitfish. It's fun to try to get a nice, fishy swim on the baits, so i did that. I simply had to since i forgot the tacklebox with the small Conrads and Strike Pros home, so i just played with the baits whole day long. I also forgot the sparebatteries to the camera, so there where not a single photo taken this day.
Credits to the fishermen who managed to catch fish i the GrandSlam competition. Not so much credits for some boats fishing closer then 300m out from the cliffs. They might have found small spots that held fish, but thats not a reason to fish in front of the people fishing from the cliffs. Those fisherman sometimes use not so visible clothing, hard to see, but they can sit there and try to catch fish too. So, regardless if there is people visible or not fishing from the cliffs, i think we boaters can stay outside 300m from them. Besides that i believe it's forbidden to to go closer then that.
Everything on the boat worked fine today. So did, my new car. With the Skoda Scout it was really nice to pull the trailer:-)

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