Monday, March 29, 2010

Here are two ways how to trim baitfish with Vuoksiraksi baitheads.

This is how a baitfish swims with the frontloop bent just slightly to either side. Hookwire is following the stomach on the baitfish. I think the bait fishes more effective if the loop is bent less because current and speed on the boat will change, and then the rollspeed on the baitfish aswell. Slower turns works better then fast, specially when going for the big ones:-) Both setups will fish fine from 1-4 knots. (1.8-7.2km/h)

Here the tacklehook is bent to the side of the baifish, towards the back. The faster you go, the less you need to bend the tackle. This set up works really nice on most flashers too. The loop in front of the tackle is slightly bent as usually.  Either way can work fine, depending on the size of the baithfish, speed aso.  Try to bend the frontloop opposite the way you bend the hookwire. This way you will find an erratic, pulsing movement and you are ready to go. Start testing!

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