Monday, March 1, 2010

Warrior at rest!

Boat looked like this last sunday. I have kept most of the snow of her whole winter since the weight from the snow is bad for the canopy. It looked good with the snow starting melting this weekend but now i have another 10cm snow covering her with more to come. I have booked a time for an  appointment with Mr.Outboard himself, Mr.Kling at Skene järn, Skene. This man is a very good with boatengines so he will help me with some maintanence, and she will be ready to go in a couple of months to battle the big salmons in Lake Vänern. It's a little bit early, but at some point i know it will be a bit stressful to get the boat completely ready for fishing, so i do the main work earlier. 
Winter has been very good otherwise. I have completed 800km on my crosscountry skiis. Tracks have been open all over the community so i have just kept going. Snowy, cold days i have done the training in a gym. So when spring comes i will be more then ready for the challenge on the big lakes. And the Warrior too, with all the rest she has had this winter + some TLC.
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