Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hasslö, second day.

Went out fishing south Hasslö 9.30 today. Weather was clearing up and we thought we would had a nice day on the sea today, and in the beginning it looked that way, getting warmer and sun burning away the fog. We heard boats raporting on the radio having fish on during moninghours, but no fish caught, as far as we heard. Middle of the day it became cold and foggy again. And the raports on the radio dissapeared completely till the weather cleared up and it became nice and a bit warmer again, about 5h later. Then people started catching fish again. We heard a couple of boats having fish in their boats in the end of this day. Not much, but the salmon is out there. The water needs to be little bit warmer and the wind should stay south or westerly for some days. Than it will look a lot better for us, chasing the big ones. I started tying baitleaders today. I even tried to fish with anchovy (skarpsill). No problems with Vuoksiraksi and my personaly owndrilled crippled herring baitholders. I ran them in 2.7knots. No problems at all, except we caught nothing on them today. We caught some cods and one of them joined us for dinner! Luxuryfood! Lots of boats in the harbour this evening, There will be some raports from the ocean tomorrow. If not us, then somebody else.
May all of us have real Shitfishing tomorrow!

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