Friday, May 14, 2010

Bert Lachner, salmon 17,45 kg. BigSalmonTour, Hasslö, may 2010

Bert has lots of experience from fishing theese waters: Starting his fishing in Baltic Sea already in 1987, trolling for salmon, he knows how to be prepared for these predators. All equipment we used was specially picked to this fishtour. Bert picked his stiff pikerods, ambassadeur 7000 witch braided line, 0.32 and leaders in 0.52mm fluorocarbon. No locks used between spoon and line. Line directly tied to the swivel. All week points eliminated. Bert knows all this, experienced as he is in fishing really big salmon.
This salmon weighed 17.45 kg before we bleeded it, 120cm long. I think this was Berts tenth salmon weighing +15kg from these waters. When he is not sharpening his salmon hooks he is after his mullets, pikes or walleyes.
Many nice filmclips to be seen on his blog. Some are very exclusive. Rare to see when a mullet is running, taking line from a reel in incredible speed, but on Berts blog it's possible. Follow his fishing and see his films on his blog. 

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