Monday, May 10, 2010

Hasslö, third day.

Yesterday we met a seal, out, middle of nowhere. As close to the boat we could hear it breathing. They spend time where the fish are, so we were right on the spot yesterday, - or maybe not. Salmon use to be as far away from seals as possible, i have heard. Today we managed to get our self out to Utklippan. Nice ride in no wind at all. Watertemp was still around 6 degrees, so we took a chance spending the day out there. We got some cods and one hornpike. The one and only in Hanöbukten, and we got it! This was our catch today. Some other boats managed better: One Danish boat came in with a 14.5 kg and one Swedish boat came in with two 8kg salmon and one smaller. So the fish is out there. We just let the water warm up a little bit more - then we take them! We keep doing our thing tomorrow. Shitfishing on us and everybody else.

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  1. Grattis till fin fisk OCH bra film In drillning MED håvning
    Peter / Team Rödingen