Wednesday, May 19, 2010

ActionCamera for filming.

We have had many readers commenting our films. Many thouht we could have turned off the radio while fighting our fishes, but i think there is some understanding that we usually get concentrated in what we do and forget about the rest, so the the films shows how the fishing is for us. Swearwords, playing with the VHF, coffedrinking while making the boat ready to land a Big Salmon aso, is probably not what should be on a fishingfilm like this, but this is how our fishing is, therefore we show it that way. We have had only positive comments about the fights and netting and that what counts in the end, to hook, fight and land the salmon. And have fun.
We spent 60 hours on the sea during the week we fished, the strikes were very few, so the fish that bit on our baites, we also wanted to have in the boat. We were after the Big Salmon, so when they came on on the other end of the line, we knew what to do. And we are glad to have all of it on film. So we will continue filming our fishing, off course.
We have had many questions about the cameraequipment we use.

There is info about the camera on Berts blog. It's in Swedish, but the link below will get you to to the makers homepage and it's in English. More info where to buy the camera in Sweden will be found on Berts page.

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  1. Stort grattis till en BIG lax och en bra film Jussi ...lyfter på hatten :=)