Saturday, November 5, 2011

That was about time!

I have been fishing three days this week. First day in Vättern on monday which was a good start on the season. I saw and photographed some spawning chars in the harbour in Huskvarna. Just fantastic to see this show on first row and even take some descent photos with my little pocketcamera. After the show i went fishing: fished off some spots outside Liakanten and Äppelodligen and managed to hook a fair char to take home for the x-mas table. You never know what happens in a few weeks, so better bring home a fish when i got it. I also discovered some electronic faults on the boat, so there were some things that had to be fixed before it gets really cold.
On thursday i went fishing with Robban Qvist, fiskepånä in the water out of Åmål. We tried to fish the Bassängen(bathtub). The location was new to me, but Robban has been there before. We had some, i think four, really fine fish biting our lures during the day, but for some strange reason they were not hooked properly,  even though we fished in speeds around three knots. Finally, in the evening, we had a nice  salmon taking one of our baits, well hooked, all the way to the net. Fish weighed 7.1kg.
On friday we were joined by Ludde from and we had a nice day on the lake. We fished in the Tössewaters, also new for me. The weather was fine but the wind could have been less strong. We had constant wind somewhere between 9-11m/sek during the day but managed to hook some really goodlooking trouts weighing 3 and 6.7kg. Both days we fished in pair with Håkan and Erik from Alingsås. They did well both days catching nice fish. It's a good idea to fish in pair helping each other to locate fish and also handy to have an helping hand near is something goes wrong.
I had some trout and salmon with me back home and best of all; it was fun to fish from a boat again :-)
Very good days in good company, nice places and fine fishes.

Spawning char in the Huskvarna harbour. The female is smaller
and darker. Hard to see on the photo.
Not so big but a very nice fish. 

Salmon from Vänern. 7,1kg.

Robban with a nice trout weighing 6,7kg.

Håkan and Erik battling a nice salmon in rough Tössewater.

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