Monday, November 21, 2011

Char eldorado!

We gave the salmon another shot out of Hästholmen, to catch some fish bigger than we did last week. This was not going to be too difficult, eh?
We met a lot of other anglers trying to catch the same salmon that we were after. Lot of locomotion and activity in the harbour which was fun to see. I was expecting lot of fish reported on the lake to be heard on the VHF, but that just didn't happened this day. Some smaller salmon were caught, but as it looked and the little we heard people from people on the radio, they caught mainly char. Just as we did!
We fished off a lot of spots in our search for the salmon but kept running into schools of char. When we changed to bigger baits some bigger char started to strike, but the main size on the fish were between 50-55cm. We released most of them outside the boat, but some were damaged in their gills so they will be at the christmastable. But we caught some really nice fish this trip too: one really fine char, that had little more fat to be put on the body and when that happens it will be a  fish in 3-4kg size. That fish was released too, off course. The second fish was an incredibly nice looking trout. That fish bit one of Berts flies which was a start of a new flytying era for him ;-)
The fish was released outside the boat as usually. Some fish we just had to net so we could get out the hook with plyers. I practised something i have seen on TV sometimes, when they take out the hooks on fishes: i keep the fish up and down. The fish will be a lot more still then and it will end up in the water faster which increases their chances to survive. The char has had some good years to reproduce, there is a lot of them now, but they are a rare specie of fish,  still well worth to protect. Bring home some to eat, but be careful about the one ment to set free.
Bo Pedersen, Team Tortuga from Motala is a good fellow fisherman: Yesterday morning before we even had got out of the harbour he had caught his first salmon. During the day he caught some more of them and a nice trout. He released them all even though the fish weighed 4-5kg...Reason for that he said, was that they were ment for someone else to catch and he had enough fish in the freezer from his fishing earlier this year in south Sweden.
I will still try to get a nice salmon, so i will turn up in north Lake Vättern as soon as possible. There are a lot of spots to go thrue this winter. I don't understand the meaning with blogging from the lake, even though it seems to be fun. Now some people have found out how to get the GPS-info from photos taken on a good fishingspot, and use them instead of looking for their own little secret spots to fish at. What is there to say about this? One of the answers might be that it will extremely crowded at a few good fishingspots. The rest is left for people like me, without blogphones on the lake. Halleluja fishermen, let's go none tecnofishing, fish only with baitfish and hairy flies. See you at the lake!

Nice char.

In my Warrior going southwest.

No hightech, eh?...well, well. At least no blogphone saying where
I get the fish, but from the GPS screen you can tell i have
caught some fish outside of Omberg.

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