Monday, November 14, 2011


Fishing yesterday out of Hästholmen wasn't really in my plans since i fished several days last week in lakes Vänern and Vättern. A late phone call from Bert on saturday evening, with promising winds and somewhat  good reports of fish caught from Hästholmen, made me think otherwise. So we went there sunday morning. Weather was a bit chilly and wind as usually more than weatherforecast said. We choosed to fish south from Hästholmen. Could have gone north as well.
We had a good day on the lake: First of all everything worked really well. All electronics and engine did what they was supposed to. Didn't miss a beat! Bert has been fishing mullet for months and after some refreshing gymnastic exersice on a bumpy lake in a small boat he was soon back in business.
We used all types of tackle during the day and we had fish stricking all of them. We used baitfish on
Vuoksiraksi Vr 2, Salsa, Anchovy special. Flies specialmade in Finland, Apex, Strike-pro, Prehistoric Stive behind an even older hammered flasher. Some fish bit baitfish behind an Actiondisc. We had about 15 contacts. Not all of them came to the net, but were released outside the boat nicely and gently. All fish was taken on the surface or shallower then 30 feet.
No idea how many strikes we had during the day. Probably to many, since we went out of the areas with smaller fish as soon as we entered them, but it was too late when we had double strikes. It's not a good idea to hook so many small fish for catching three or four fish in legal sizes, is my opinion. But the fish we kept was really fine. A couple of char and a 70cm salmon was brought home to the coming christmastable.  Next time i go for the big salmon, probably coming weekend if winds are ok.

Bert with salmon from Hästholmen. Caught with a flie!

Warrior heading for Omberg.

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