Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Baltic Warrior

Intrested in this boat? Read my post below. You will find Sven Hilles contactinfo if you want to buy a very good fishingboat. Also look at the clip below to see more of the boat and also find some really good info about Southern Baltics.

Baltic Warrior at speed....
Sven Hille in Germany sent me this nice clip wich shows some nice fishingmoments from fishing in waters around Rügen. The variety of fishing seems to be great there with short distances to really good fishing in a variety of species. I have heard about monsterpikes, cods, Big salmons and specially seatrouts that I'm really intrested in myself. Rügen is known for being really good for that, so hopefully I will get there some day trying the Big trouts.
The clip also shows some of the interior on a Warrior 165. It's remarcable three people have so much space in a five meter long boat! Svens boat is still for sale so drop him a mail if you are intrested in buying his warrior. There is an earlier post here on my blog that show some pics of his boat, but I post some new above of his Warrior at speed....ajaj, what a lovely boat.
Svens e-mailaddress is sven.hille(at)gmx.de
There are some nice new products shown on the end on the clip:
The flexidiver seems to be a nice and easy to use weight for trolling and the company also makes some downriggerweights that are enviromentally better to use than weights made of led. Good stuff!
Look at www.scanlure.dk for more information about the company and the weights.

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