Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tinboat perchexpedition...

..Or in other words - Testing Berts Quintrex and try to fool some perch with bottombouncing tackle.
We did ok, i guess; caught some perch, but not as big as we aimed for. We used 10-12cm long roach, but still got ordinary sized perch. Not the  big ones we were after. 
Using bottombouncing tackle is a new way of fishing for perch for me, so that had to be sorted out too. So trying to catch megasized perch, in a new boat, in a, for us, unknown lake, that we haven't tried before, on a cold octoberday, raining almost nonstop, was not easy. 
This boat has never been fished from before, only testdriven and used as showboat at Wollmars sportfiske, Borås a couple of months. They are official Quintrex dealers there.

So, today was the day to try it out, the Tinboat! Conditions may not have been the best, but we fished enough to clear out some questionmarks. 

-We were three people in the boat and we had no problems moving around in the just under four meters long boat. It feels a bit odd, considering the boat is very roomy and steady for being so short. 
-Lauching and taking up the boat on a boatramp that isn't a boatramp, worked just fine. The boat is very light and Berts Bmw 330 coupé has fourwheeldrive, so even that was simple. 
Brother and Daniel fished from a Quintrex 440, and they used the same ramp, and brought up their boat with a Volvo 745 and that worked fine too. There were some nasty sounds coming from the boatbottom when launching the 440, but the boats are rough aluminiumboats, so they can be treated like that. A glassfiberboat would have left a major part of gelcoat on the beach from this kind of beating.
The 390 went in the water in 30cm. shallow water without touching the bottom!
-Bottombouncing tackle for big perch is fun! 

Very good day. Testing with new techniques continues.

Look at Berts blog for more info.

Bert, Micke and Quintrex 390 in action.

Quintrex 390

Nice perch

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  1. It's always good to learn new techniques. I just spelled learn as "lurn". Ha ha. I think it is time to turn the computer off. =)

    The Average Joe Fisherman