Sunday, October 31, 2010


We tried our little lake a second time today. Same stile this time, trying to battle with big perch, that habitate the lake....we have heard.
Me, Bert and brother went there, in good minds. Weather was perfect. Fairly mild, wind from south. Slight breeze.

We fished off the area where we ended our fishing last week and continued just a few hundred meeters south from there and then we found what we came here for. Except for the fine company, nice lake and weather, we caught some really nice perch.
We had only one bite each on our roaches, during the whole day. Those fish we got up were good looking. They were no fish for the recordbooks, but one was really big, in my eyes.

Perches weighed 1.340kg. and the other one was not even weighed. I think some 500g.
Theese two fish proved us bottombouncing works even in beginning of november with 6.5 degrees C, in the water.
Perches of these sizes give a good go on 12 foot long matchrods with sensitive tops, and leaves a feeling and must trying it again, off course. Definately a method to explore more.

Berts Quintrex leaves nothing more to wish on a fishingboat. It's amazing how much fishing you can get out of a boat only 3.90 meters long. Three grown up men with 12 feet long rods and no hazzle at all.....or maybe we had a small caos some minutes when trying to land the the big perch. Big salmon is no problem, but when we get big perches we get unfocused like little boys, hehe. Live to learn...
Look at Berts blog, for a filmclip from the fishing.
And Brors blog for some more photos. Both fish were released after photographing.

Perch 1340g. 48cm long.
This was the second fish today.
And this was the first.

Mr I, himself. Ipilot stears the boat, Iphone keeps us updated on his blog.
Can you see the camera on his cap?

German steel and and Australian aluminium.

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