Sunday, October 17, 2010

Look at this! A fishingnet in Jönköping harbour!

I went to Jönköping yesterday to see if i could have cought some roach for the perchfishishing next weekend. I didn't manage to catch or see a single little fish, what so ever. I blaim the northerly wind, off course. The castingnet flew several times all over the canal in the citycenter, but all i caught was peoples attention when doing my castingpractises. Maybe i should start collecting money for the show?
I like to use my castingnet. But i also use the classic style by Isaac Walton: Worm, hook, line and rod. 
It's all depending on how much time i have to spend. A third way to get baitfish is to buy them from the commercial fishermens, right away. So from the Swedish westcoats i have some Anchovy (skarpsill), for sale. I have them in sizes 8-15cm.
Good for just about all fish when trolling but also when vertical jigging.  
Give me a call on the mobilphone  0730-294 782 if you want some of these.

But some people must have had panic over the baitfish. Yesterday a net was placed just across the harbour in Jönköping! Click  on the photo and you'll see the other markerstick to the left.
The scene could have been questioned by anybody and maybe something thing for the local news. But there was not to many people there at the moment so not many saw what was going on there. 
Whem i had taken some photos, i saw the markersticks moving so there wasn't a net placed between them. Some people had played a joke during early morninghours and simply thrown the sticks in the canal. They belonged to a fishermen who's running a little restaurant and a fishsmokery on the pier, next to  the harbour. The owner himself came and told me that they belonged to him after that i had picked them up! He thanked me for this, off course. We had a little discussion about the fishing in Lake Vättern and we were agree just about everything, except some small details as why the Char is increasing in the lake...Anyway, he had one good point; he would like to have rainbowtrout in Lake Wättern. So would I!

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